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Industria Manufacturing & Industrial
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Integrated design for the industry

Tederic, an APAC leader in injection molding, selected DGI as a partner on the transformation of their market proposition prior to an ambitious global expansion.

Tederic product design H680

New corporate strategy for a global leader

Tederic always aims for excellence, quality, and innovation, so we worked together to build a new corporate strategy and corporate visual system that presents them as a global industry leader. The new Tederic is a flexible, responsive company and a dependable partner that works closely with clients and leverages its knowledge of the industry to deliver high-quality tailored solutions.

Coming together to create alignment, we interviewed the CEO and C-levels of Tederic to underline their top priorities and expectations. We traveled to Hangzhou for a hands-on experience with Tederic. Meeting in their environment helped us gain a deep understanding of the company’s internal dynamics and culture, and helped our industrial design team see the equipment in their real context. For Tederic, it was a moment of discussions for internal consensus and alignment.
To learn more about the global perception of Tederic, we conducted an online survey with their current customers and suppliers to deep dive into the current analysis of the offering, brand perception, and customer expectations.

A new global positioning

Together with Tederic we defined their new primary values, secondary values, and USP (unique selling proposition) while re-organizing their product and solution portfolio for tomorrow.
We also developed the new brand line in order to synthesize the new positioning of the company “Smart Injection” is a clear, simple, and attention-grabbing payoff that expresses the USP and new DNA of Tederic. Where Injection explains the segment of their business to new clients and leads, and smart refers to both smart as connected and innovative, but also smart as the ability to think ad hoc, tailored to each client’s needs.

Corporate identity and logo design

We completely rethought and restyled the Tederic corporate identity to realign them as a contemporary and future-proof institution that stands out globally amongst competitors. The brand identity is a perfect representation of the new corporate strategy and brand values and maintains consistency when transliterated in Chinese. The intense blue color differentiates from competitors while renewing the brand identity without compromising its institutional nature. The resulting logo is a reinterpretation of the past in a modern, distinctive way.

  • tederic icons

Industrial design
The new era of the plastic injection molding machines

As part of the project, we designed NEO, a new injection molding machine series covering 4 product lines. The new design conveys the feeling of innovative next-generation smart machines, that the naming further represents. Both hidden and visible mechanical parts were redesigned and ordered. This makes operators’ work tidier, safer, and more ergonomic. The resulting design is cleaner, signaling a higher quality.

Tederic product design family Neo

In the manufacturing industry, there is an increasing awareness of design, in its broadest sense, as a strategic asset for companies. The product design of Tederic’s machines was developed in parallel with branding design to ensure coherency, impact and, ultimately, better business results.

Product design team

Scalable design that stands out

The series features a modular design that is highly scalable and can easily meet different customers’ needs. Developed in close collaboration with the branding team, the new machines are the physical realization of the brand. The identifier is an inclined triangular metal insert, positioned in the clamping mold area. The triangle creates dynamism to suggest high production performance. The brushed metal finish underlines the intrinsic quality. The triangle is positioned near the logo for strong recognizability, reinforcing the link between the industrial and brand design, which was also renewed for NEO.


Tederic product design H2700

Consistency across all touchpoints, both offline and online

The new brand identity was applied across all major touchpoints to build maximum design consistency today and provided Tederic with a brand bible to maintain it for tomorrow.

tederic shopping bag
tederic cup
tederic shopper
tederic tie
tederic trucj

Together in a cross-cultural environment, we worked with Tederic to build visual and linguistic codes that evolve the brand from a trusted partner in APAC into a highly-capable international partner ready to make an impact in the global market while maintaining a strong connection to Asia.

DGI Branding team

Images of Tederic’s new headquarters designed by Forme3 Co. Ltd.

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