From concept to creation and critical acclaim, we work with the world’s best.

Professional products

SCM Woodworking Technology

Our product design team was enlisted to develop a new safety system for carpentry.



Movion, a flexible guiding light

We designed and developed a family of escape route signalisation and lighting fixtures for commercial applications


Emma Maps

UI and UX design to save lives

We redesigned the digital experience of a public safety answering point (PSAP), where operators do an incredible job in less than minutes, answering hundreds of dramatic, stressful calls every single day. Our challenge was to help operators do their work better in an extremely stressful environment, with no friction or pain points from the software tools. The clear, smart, and responsive interface supports the operator by suggesting relevant places and actions, guaranteeing high performance in terms of speed and response to ensure that cartography can work smoothly 24/7, every day of the year.

3M SecureFit Helmet

Strapping in success for a global leader in safety

we helped 3M, a global leader in the safety industry, by crafting a modern and ergonomic safety helmet used in the fields of construction, oil, gas, utilities, forestry and manufacturing.


ABB Easy & Safe

Perfecting trusted plugs with a fresh new look

Aiming to upgrade and refine their Easy & Safe product range, ABB entrusted us to craft a modern, functional design coinciding with the company's values, all while meeting the highest IP code requirements. Designing a line of robust, reliable and simple inlet connectors, we reinforced ABB's brand identity with a bold new look to be admired.

Beta Tools

Ergonomics for the iconic toolmaker

The new generation of Beta screwdrivers and instruments, designed by Design Group Italia, features improved ergonomics and high quality, lasting materials. The handles are designed to optimize the movement, and to better fit the shape of the hand, enhancing both precision and control. The texture maximizes the grip and the power to exert during rotation is discharged in exactly the right area for maximum results.

Panasonic Drill

Ergonomic product design fusing form and function

Our industrial design team created the latest hand drill for Panasonic to fit their newly developed and extremely small motor. Employing the perfect ergonomic design, we gave it a balanced weight distribution and calibrated angles for strength and precision with a comfortable grip texture completing the handle.


Highlighting cutting-edge haptic technology

For Kemet, a global electronics manufacturer, our engineering team devised evaluation kits to help the brand's sales team demonstrate the value of haptic technology developed by Novasentis. Together, we outlined the kit's aesthetic, the mechanical design, research, and support with suppliers of molds and mechanical equipment.


IoT integration for safe environments

Tasked with contextualizing the technology of a first generation security device based on radar technology, we partnered with Inxpect to bring their safety sensor into real-world situations through a companion app.


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