Movion, a flexible guiding light


ABB tasked us with the design and development for a family of escape route signage and lighting fixtures with commercial applications.
Our main challenge, then, was to create a clever solution minimizing production costs and the number of parts while also reducing installation time and expenses, allowing for easy mounting and maintenance.

Thanks to its flexible 90° adjustable mounting base, the product offers a wide range of installation options for both wall and ceiling applications.
The orientable signage panels can also be mounted in all directions according to any building’s emergency plan.
The Movion system includes the signage panel and hybrid emergency lighting.
Both of them are made modular for different mountings, while the escape route illumination features a recessed or surface-mounted option.


The all-in-one hybrid illumination helps reduce
the number of luminaires required in any project.

“Working in the fields of safety and signage, we developed a design that was functional for this purpose, minimizing edges and making the aesthetics as clean and easy to read as possible. We wanted less ‘design’ for clearer communication.”

Matteo Smorgon 
Senior Product Designer

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