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Banking & insurance

Generali Energy Hub

Embracing corporate wellness through workplace design

Generali, one of the largest global insurance and asset management providers, turned to us for the design of their Energy Hub, a space dedicated to workplace wellness on the third floor of the Generali Tower, the company’s Italian headquarters located in CityLife, Milan.



Bringing financial services alive through gamification

Unipolsai tasked us with a permanent brand activation space at their headquarters with the aim of communicating their services to their guests.
We designed an interactive space that brings to life the Unipolsai offering pillars of property, mobility and personal health and safety through phygital activations and games.


Pioneering digital payments

Pioneering the digital payments markets in Italy, together with Sisal, we developed a digital wallet application simplifying the payment process for consumers and businesses.


UBI Banca

Simplified, intuitive mobile banking for millions

For a profoundly digital world, UBI Banca turned to us to create a comprehensive mobile banking strategy serving people first. Previously split into seven different apps, our goal was to piece together their complex features and identities to forge a single app elevating the digital customer experience. Through extensive customer research, design thinking workshops and in-depth analyses, we joined forces with the entire team, from local branch managers to C-level executives, to develop seamless UIX design and a sweeping digital transformation strategy simplifying the app experience for millions of users.

Generali Welion

Healthcare services for Europe’s leading insurance company

Generali Welion, the wellness company integrated under insurance giant Generali, called on us to design innovative healthcare services with a future-proof approach, envisioning new ones to be unrolled over the next three years while creating a framework to guide services development.

Generali Jeniot Airsafe

Smart air quality for the home

Generali, a global leader in the insurance industry, called on us to co-design their first-ever physical product: AirSafe, a smart device monitoring the air quality in homes.


Vittoria Hub

An incubation hub inspiring insurtech startups

Vittoria Assicurazioni, a historic insurance company founded in 1921, tasked us with the brand strategy, corporate identity and digital communications of their new incubator for insurtech startups.


Fostering a merger for the future of proximity payments

Forging the future of digital payments and proximity banking, we partnered with Mooney to revolutionize the sector with a vast network of integrated services between the digital and physical, operating across 45,000 SisalPay points in Italy.


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