Winning a design award isn’t just about adding a badge to our collection. It’s a celebration of the brilliance behind our solutions and the creative journey that brings them to life, serving users in the most effective ways. Over the years, we’ve proudly earned four Compasso d’Oro awards, among the most prestigious honors in industrial design, along with a host of other accolades including UX Design Awards, iF, and Red Dot. Scroll the list below to discover our design prizes!

Compasso d’Oro

2024 Ӧssur Power Knee

2020 D-Heart ECG Device

1991 ABB Megamax

1979 FILA Tratto Clip

1979 FILA Tratto Pen

German Design Award

2024 Uteco Onyx GO

UX Design Awards

2022 Fresenius Order Management Ecosystem

The Good Design Awards US

2023 MultiplyLabs

2023 Uteco Onyx GO

2009 Scotch Easy Grip

2009 Scotch Scissors

2009 Scotch Pop-Up Collection

2006 Scotch Paper Cutter

ADI Design Index

2023 Uteco Onyx GO

2023 EGO SMART Gewiss

2022 Fresenius OrderManagement Ecosystem

2022 Össur Power Knee

2021 KitMe by IntendiMe

2020 MEG Phycotrone

2019 Vimar Eikon Tactil touch panel

2019 Generali Alertbox

2018 D-Heart ECG Device

2018 Blue Lagoon Iceland Design Strategy

2017 MEG

2017 Fingbox

2017 PepsiCo Mix It Up

2016 PepsiCo Spire Fountain

2016 Panasonic Impact Driver

2016 Trillìo

2013 Unilever Mentadent Vertical Expert

2013 Agemont Desire

2012 3M Infinite Innovation

2009 3M Pocket Projector

2006 Scotch Paper Cutter

2006 3M Projector DMS 710

2004 Comelit DIVA

2003 ESAGV Kvara Duemila

2003 Comelit Powercom

2000 OPEN Uniko

1999 ABB Safe Ring

1999 BM Biraghi Sintesi 150

1999 Aros Sentinel UPS

Good Design Award Japan

2016 Panasonic Impact Driver

Premio Nazionale per l’Innovazione

2023 D-Heart ECG Device

2022 KitMe by IntendiMe

German Innovation Award

2023 Uteco OnyxGo

AHEAD Awards

2019 The Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland

Skift Design Awards

2019 The Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland

Produit de l'Année

2007 Unilever Signal Air Precision

Norwegian Design Award

1998 Dinoxxus HTS

Top Ten

1994 Lyra Magis

Premio Intel Design Milano

1999 Emax ABB Sace

Janus de l'Industrie Paris

1988 Superpulsar Tecnoma

Premio SMAU Milano

1982 CP 1600 Tecnel

iF Design Award

2020 3M SecureFit™ Safety Helmet X5000

2020 The Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland

2020 SoleLuna at The Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland

2015 PepsiCo Chill Hub

2007 3M projector ET10-ET20

1999 BM Biraghi Biraghi Sintesi 150


1994 Siemens 3SB3 Pushbutton System

1994 ABB Isomax

Archiproducts Design Awards

2023 EGO Smart Gewiss

World Brand Design Society

2023 Nipiol Bronze Award

2023 Plasmon Commended Award

Red Dot Award Best of the Best

2019 The Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland

1997 Chiesi Farmaceutici JET

Red Dot Design Award

2021 Vimar Eikon Tactil thermostat

2019 3M SecureFit™ Safety Helmet X5000

2019 Vimar Eikon Tactil touch panel

2017 D-Heart ECG Device

2017 ABB Easy & Safe

2016 Panasonic Impact Driver

2014 PepsiCo Tostitos Party Zone

2014 PepsiCo Chill Hub

2014 3M Kind Removal Silicone Tape

2012 Scotch Glass Tape Dispenser

2012 3M Mobile Projector MP225

2011 3M Compact Desk Organizer

2010 ABB T-MAX

1996 ABB Isomax


1996 Ocean Reef Regulator

1996 Ocean Reef Evolution Mask

1994 Siemens 3SB3 Pushbutton System

Compasso d’Oro Selection

2020 Blue Lagoon design strategy

2008 3M DMS 710 Projector

2001 OPEN Uniko

1998 Unilever Tecnic Advance

1996 ABB Isomax

1991 Magis Amleto

1989 ULTRAVOX Colibrì

1982 Domopack Spako

1981 Vigorelli Pressomatic

1979 3M Nastroteca

Core 77 Design Award

2019 EnelX JuicePol

DIA Design Intelligence Award

2023 Uteco Onyx GO

International Design Excellence Award

2023 Uteco Onyx GO

2016 Panasonic Impact Driver

CES Innovation Award

2018 Fingbox

Hospitality Design Awards

2019 The Retreat at Blue Lagoon Iceland

Premio Per L'Innovazione ADI Design Index

2021 KitMe by IntendiMe

2018 D-Heart ECG Device

Design Auswhal Stuttgart

1994 Signum 3SB3 Pushbutton Siemens

Bio Ljubljana

1994 NOS handles system CAS

1994 Isomax ABB Sace

1988 Colibrì TV/Radio Ultravox

1988 Supercorsa Vetta

1981 Tratto Pen FILA

1981 Tratto Clip Fila

Les Electro Paris

1994 Isomax ABB Sace

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