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Plasmon BIO

A new launch strategy, a new packaging identity, a new high-quality range to go organic!

Design Group Italia and Kraft Heinz have defined a new strategy to help the Plasmon Brand enter and establish relevance in the organic market.



A complete ecosystem for home automation

EGO SMART is the new home automation solution designed for easy and intuitive household management. It offers a smart ecosystem accessible to everyone for safe and connected living, regardless of familiarity with digital tools. With its App Home Gateway, EGO SMART provides user-friendliness and adaptability both to installers and final users. Developed by Gewiss as a comprehensive and integrated project EGO SMART involved our multidisciplinary expertise.


Designing the ultimate fast-charging customer experience

Atlante found in our service design team the perfect partner to envision and define the whole customer experience.



Engineering for competitive results

Tackling the challenges of a rapidly evolving key market, we helped Fimer develop a complete family of EV charging points.


Louis Poulsen

A new immersive showroom

Our space design team teamed up with Louis Poulsen to create a space that elegantly blends the company's product portfolio with the people working and living in and around the venue.


B&B Italia in Copenaghen

Setting the stage for new luxury retail experiences

Design Holding, the world’s largest group in the luxury furniture industry, tasked us with the design of their first showroom featuring all of the group’s premium Italian and Danish heritage design brands—B&B Italia, Maxalto, Azucena, Arclinea, Flos and Louis Poulsen—under one roof.


Di Bruno Bros

A premier gourmet identity for the Philadelphia based private label

The Philadelphia iconic and historic destination for specialty food amateurs  Di Bruno Bros called on our NY creative team to create its new packaging identity. The result is a clear yet evocative visual language bridging Di Bruno core values with existing and future products.



A longstanding collaboration for the early years of life.

We have partnered with Chicco by Artsana Group for over 10 years, consulting on a wide range of projects, developing and harmonizing a consistent and unitary product visual identity.


Santa Lucia

What if mozzarella could be eaten like a pasta dish?

Shaping new opportunities for the Santa Lucia brand of mozzarella.


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