Encompassing design for home automation.

Gewiss, the global partner for home & building automation, protection and energy distribution, e-mobility and smart lighting solutions and services, partnered with our multidisciplinary team in the recent boost of its smart home offer

As Service Designers, we collaborated closely with Gewiss’ R&D and project teams, charting a course for innovation and reinforcing the company’s core strengths.
After gaining insights about the market and envisioning the enhanced value that Gewiss’ expertise can offer, we co-created a value proposition capable to deliver relevant solutions tailored on professionals’ (architects, interior designers, installers) and end-users’ needs. Envisioning and testing the both installer and customer experience, we flanked Gewiss’ position as provider of innovative ecosystems for home living

Starting from there Gewiss, together with our Product Design and Digital Product Design teams, created EGO SMART: the smart plate that propels home automation to unprecedented levels.

With a minimalist and elegant design, the plates introduce novel ways to interact with the home. Embracing the concept of “extended HMI” (Human-Machine Interface), the integrated ecosystem is tailor-made to effortlessly create personal scenarios and combinations.

The physical plates act as a home status indicator, relaying information on systems and installed commands, highlighting emergencies, and reminding users of consumption limits based on their preferences. The SHIFT mode allows users to add extra functions to smart commands, optimizing available space.



While the main challenge for our Product Designers was to integrate the led matrix, proximity sensors and perimeter lighting maintaining the plate’s smootness and minimizing its thickness, our Digital Design Team managed the complexity of numerous smart devices such as actuators, lights, sensors, and panels with a simple and intuitive visual language.

This design solution applies to the actual digital proficiency level of the installers and the customization needs of end-users. The user experience and user  interface of the Home Gateway App hence offer a plethora of possibilities and scenarios through voice commands and fingertip control.



“We began working with DGI to achieve a more sustainable living and a higher quality of life by linking smart people with smart technology in their house. This happened during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, and the partnership between the two companies resulted in a wonderful team that overcame everyone’s fear and isolation at the time. The outcome represented an expression of hope for a brighter future thanks to the hard and passionate work we have done all together.”
Monica Milani
UX and Design Manager at Gewiss


Leveraging a modular design framework based on task flows and analyses, the Home Gateway app ensures accurate information and performance during installation and everyday when creating customized settings, activating remote commands, controlling consumption and alerts, also when far away from home or for those who prefer not to use a smart-phone.


The Home Gateway App guides users through the entire journey, from configuration to monitoring. Its design results from a great teamwork that involved Gewiss, Design Group Italia and, during refinement, the Tangity team as well.

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