We are a multicultural group of designers, strategists, researchers, thinkers and makers.


Edgardo Angelini

Edgardo Angelini

Managing Director

Sigurdur Thorsteinsson

Sigurdur Thorsteinsson

Chief Design Officer

Peter Newbould

Peter Newbould

Chief Innovation Officer

The Team

ali akay

Ali’ Akay

Product Designer

andrea corti

Andrea Corti

Project Manager


andrea desiato

Andrea Desiato

User Experience Director

Antonio Cappucci

Antonio Cappucci

Graphic Designer

carlo casagrande

Carlo Casagrande

Senior Product Designer

Member of Design Group Italia team Carlo d'Alesio

Carlo D’Alesio

Lighting Design Director

carol tayar

Carol Tayar

Principal Designer Experiential Spaces

chiara grana

Chiara Grana

Product Designer

chris miller

Chris Miller

Creative Director

cristiano cingolani

Cristiano Cingolani

User Experience and Service Designer

Cristina Paleari

Cristina Paleari

Senior User Experience & Service Designer

daniela duran

Daniela Duran

Senior Service & Strategic Designer

Daria Svirid

Experiential Spaces Designer

Member of Design Group Italia team Diego Zerbini

Diego Zerbini

UX/UI Designer

portrait of Elisa Fabbian

Elisa Fabbian

Senior UX/UI Designer

Fabrizia Sabatino

Experiential Spaces Designer

federico casotto

Federico Casotto

Design Manager and Food Specialist

Member of Design Group Italia team Francesca Mione

Francesca Mione

UX/UI Designer

dgi francesca miraglia

Francesca Miraglia

Senior Implementation Designer

Member of Design Group Italia team Francesca Vittori

Francesca Vittori

Experiential Spaces Director

DGI team Federico Fagioli

Francesco Fagioli

UX/UI Design intern

Gabriel Zangari

Gabriel Zangari

Managing and Design Director, New York

Member of Design Group Italia team Gabriela Cafaro

Gabriele Cafaro

Digital Technical Director

member of design group Italia team Gea Sasso

Gea Sasso

Service Designer and User Experience Researcher

giacomo ferrari

Giacomo Ferrari

Senior Interaction Designer

gianandrea giacoma

Gianandrea Giacoma


Design Research Director

giorgio milani

Giorgio Milani

Product Designer

Member of Design Group Italia team Giovanni Cusumano

Giovanni Cusumano

Architectural Lighting Designer

Member of Design Group Italia team Giulia Battaglia

Giulia Battaglia

Senior User Experience Designer

Giulia Rutigliano

Giulia Rutigliano

UX/UI Designer

giuseppe morbidini

Giuseppe Morbidini

Senior Engineering Designer

Member of Design Group Italia team Gustavo Messias

Gustavo Messias

Senior Product Designer

igor micevic

Igor Micevic

Lead Graphic Designer

member of design group Italia team Ivana Babic

Ivana Babic

Lead Designer

jesus vega

Jesus Vega

Senior Designer, New York

leonardo brandoni

Leonardo Brandoni

Lighting Product Designer

Leonardo Traversa

Leonardo Traversa

Senior UX/UI Designer

liliana favata

Liliana Favata




Cable Maintenance

Member of Design Group Italia team Loris Bottello

Loris Bottello

Senior UX/UI and Product Designer

Member of design group Italia team Magda AlHashmi

Magda AlHashmi

Experiential Spaces Designer

Marcello Mastrapasqua

IT Manager

Member of Design Group Italia team Marco Di Norcia

Marco Di Norcia

Service and Strategy Designer

maria teresa torrente

Maria Teresa Torrente


maria di gesaro

Mario Di Gesaro

Product Designer

marthin budawan

Marthin Budiawan

Experiential Spaces Designer

Martin Franzen

Martin Franzen

Product Design Director

massimo di filippo

Massimo Di Filippo

Senior Lighting Product Designer

Mathilde Leroy

Mathilde Leroy

Senior Service Designer

matteo smorgon

Matteo Smorgon

Senior Product Designer

mauro scamporlino

Mauro Scamporlino

Lead Designer

Member of Design Group Italia team Michele Favaretto

Michele Favaretto

Client and Strategy Director

member of design group Italia team Michele Sala

Michele Sala

Senior Mechanical Designer

mila belloni

Mila Belloni

Senior Graphic Designer

Monia Merciari, DGI team

Monia Merciari

User Experience Designer

omar odino

Omar Odino

Digital Transformation Director

paolo rovida

Paolo Rovida

Administration and Business Development

pasquale cirulli

Pasquale Cirulli

Lead Designer

DGI team member Piero Santoro

Piero Santoro

Lighting Technologist

roberto berretta

Roberto Beretta

Engineering Design Director

Member of Design Group Italia team Sandro Vinetti

Sandro Vinetti

Sales Director

member of design group Italia team Sara Bellini

Sara Bellini

Service Design Director

Sari Peltonen

Sari Peltonen

Communications Director

silvia cantucci

Silvia Cantucci

Experiential Spaces Designer

simona sagripanti

Simona Sagripanti

Senior CMF Designer

The portrait of Simone Pase

Simone Pase

Senior Brand Strategist & Project Manager

stefania perenich

Stefania Perenich

CMF Design Director

valentina gallotti

Valentina Gallotti

Experiential Spaces Architect

vania viscardi

Vania Viscardi

Senior Graphic Designer

Team Manager

yesenia rivera

Yesenia Rivera

Senior Graphic Designer

Yu Hung Ling

Yu-Hung Ling

UX and Service Intern