Multiply Labs 


Robotic cell therapy modules


Multiply Labs, a San Francisco–based company, envisions a world where every patient has access to next-gen, precision medicines. To illustrate that vision through design, the company turned to our Product Design Team.

It was our task, then, to help materialize their robotic technology paving the way in the pharmaceutical industry and automating the manufacturing of life-saving therapies for patients.

Our Product Design team began by benchmarking design in both the pharmaceutical and robotic sectors to explore a visual language for Multiply Labs robotic modules, designing the way for a new, intuitive and modular approach to cell therapy manufacturing. 

A series of colourful “building blocks” communicates the modular and flexible identity of the robotic system.
The centre column and harnessing structure keeps the  clean look of the composition together for an infinity of configurations.

Smooth interactions and visible processes were prioritized to easily understand the underlying concept by just looking at the design. Positioning the robotic manufacturing of gene-modified cell therapies to reach an industrial scale with a modular approach minimizing bottlenecks and human contamination.


The Mulitply Labs modules were designed to be:

  • Compatible With the market-leading GMP instruments,
  • Flexible The manufacturer selects the combination of modules that matches their process,
  • High-throughput By using multiple modules in parallel.
Multiply Labs has been awarded the 2023 Good Design Awards
from The Chicago Athenaeum:
one of the oldest and most recognized programs for design excellence worldwide.

About the project

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