Fostering a merger for the future of digital payments

Forging the future of digital payments and proximity banking, Mooney is a fresh new arrival revolutionizing the sector with a vast network of integrated services between the digital and physical, operating across 45,000 SisalPay points in Italy. Merging Banca 5 and SisalPay under a shared vision, together we crafted and curated a brand strategy that could guide the delicate process with honesty and transparency, mapping respective aspirations and skills to align key decision-makers around mutual goals. In doing so, we helped define innovative B2C and B2B brand strategies centered on the brand’s new DNA.

A brand-new logo: Moving heritage into the future

A yellow arrow is integrated into the logotype as an independent icon cuing progression and a future-oriented vision, while the m in mooney communicates authority and security

We worked together with SisalPay and Banca5 to manage the complex onboarding and alignment of a corporate merger, along with the creation of a new company.
Mooney is now launching the proximity banking revolution in Italy with a concrete, coherent and brand-new path, integrating an impactful communication system to stay close to customers and ahead of the national competition.

Michele Favaretto
Brand Design Director

Omnichannel design and brand guardianship spanning online, offline and retail touchpoints

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