Evolutionary transition toward new frontiers

Nestled in the heart of Italy, Elleci shines as a beacon of excellence in kitchen design. For over three decades, Elleci has dedicated itself to infusing each creation with a unique blend of Italian style, innovation, and craftsmanship. With a vision to honor its legacy while embracing the future, Elleci enlisted the expertise of Design Group Italia to embark on a transformative journey.

The project objectives were clear:

  • to strategically reposition Elleci, unveiling a revitalized brand identity to captivate modern audiences and propel the company to new heights of success;
  • to help Elleci enter the bathroom market after years of kitchen expertise;
  • to establish a luxury positioning for the brand’s premium line without diluting its existing portfolio, focusing on distinctive designs that reflect high-quality materials and finishes tailored to a specific target audience.
Analysis and Brand Workshop

The journey began with an in-depth analysis of Elleci’s heritage, market positioning, and consumer perceptions. Through immersive brand workshops, we engaged key stakeholders, delving into the brand’s essence, unearthing opportunities for differentiation and growth.

Brand Strategy and New Brand Positioning

Drawing from the insights gathered, we crafted a dynamic brand strategy, aimed to tailor Elleci’s positioning according to its two product lines: core and premium, each designed for either kitchen or bathroom spaces. The goal was to resonate with contemporary consumers while upholding Elleci’s core values. The brand architecture was streamlined to provide clarity, simplifying the consumer journey.

Logo Redesign, Leveraging Elleci’s Historical Identity

The redesign of Elleci’s logo was a pivotal step in refreshing its visual identity while honoring its rich heritage.

By retaining key elements of the original logo and infusing modern design elements, the Design Group Italia brand design team crafted a symbol that seamlessly blends tradition with innovation, reinforcing Elleci’s legacy while signaling its evolution.

“Design Group Italia has been an invaluable partner for Elleci during this crucial phase of our evolution. Thanks to their insightful analysis and strategic approach to the rebranding project, the team provided us with a clearer and simpler understanding of our daily operations. By streamlining Elleci’s processes and removing unnecessary complexities, they have strengthened our brand identity, enhanced the appeal of our visual system, and improved the effectiveness of all our corporate and product communications.
Their forward-thinking interpretation of our needs has been instrumental in supporting the company’s growth journey.”
Graziano Traversa
COO Elleci


We developed a comprehensive design system encompassing both analog and digital assets to ensure consistent brand representation across various touchpoints. Every aspect of Elleci’s visual identity, from packaging to digital interfaces, was meticulously crafted to evoke a cohesive brand experience.
Strategically, the new brand identity was unveiled during Milan Design Week. Elleci made its debut at the world’s most important design event in the heart of Brera Design District, featuring the “Synesthesia” exhibition: a concept ideated by Alkemy BX , the creativity & production area of our parent company Alkemy, to showcase the company’s values and offerings to thousands of design professionals and enthusiasts.

“Working with a deeply rooted Italian excellence – yet recognized as a key player among European and international leaders – demanded a delicate balance. This required aligning future visions with respect for tradition, leveraging expertise and passion, and prioritizing people. In close collaboration with the Founder, successors, and Board, we embarked on a pivotal mission: to reaffirm and position Elleci as a style beacon and innovation leader in both B2B and B2C. This co-creation journey resulted in a new positioning and corporate identity. Today, Elleci emerges stronger, more resonant, and poised for further growth and distinction.”
Michele Favaretto
Strategy & Brand Design Director

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