Care + Protect: becoming an iconic B2B2C professional reference

We collaborated with Haier to completely reposition Care+Protect, a leading home-professional brand offering a wide platform of specialized, multi-purpose products and accessories for the care, protection, and maintenance of home appliances. The project encompassed several highly challenging strategic objectives:

BRAND PORTFOLIO ARCHITECTURE: Optimizing and rationalizing its product portfolio of over 100 SKUs to allow future product expandability and facilitate user navigation and selection.

BRAND STRATEGY: Repositioning the brand with a unique story-telling and USP, paving the way for brand awareness, increasing reliability, credibility, and a strong professional perception.

BRAND & PACKAGING IDENTITY: Completely revamping Care+Protect’s key design elements to ensure ownability, distinctiveness, and appeal, while also providing clarity and immediate product understanding through effective messaging and communication architecture.

Analysis and Audit:
The first part of the project involved a careful study of the key competitive B2B scenario but also some B2C benchmarks – aimed at identifying offering segmentations and communication hierarchy trends, as well as design and packaging design equities.
The results of the analysis and audit activities  provided a great understanding on how to differentiate Care+Protect as much as possible from similar brands and “me-too” international players.

Interviews and co-creative Workshop:
As per Design Group Italia’s methodology, strongly based on co-creation and cross-contamination, the total relaunch project engaged all key Care+Protect stakeholders in:
– a session of qualitative 1to1 interviews to collect insights, learnings, expectations and have a deep understanding of the brand and portfolio challenges
– a full day co-creative workshop that hosted all the key stakeholders involved in the project, ensuring alignment towards finalizing the brand strategyworking in-synch on today and tomorrow directions for the brand.

New Brand Strategy

Care + Protect’s ambition for today and tomorrow is to be recognized as a true and concrete professional brand that simplifies users’ daily tasks and extends the lifespan of appliances, boosting their performance through a multitude of reliable and effective solutions, thanks also to the endorsement of Haier as the mother brand, enforced by the other company key-brands Candy, Hoover, and Rosieres.
The new strategy for Care+Protect involved a total evolution of the brand’s pillars, its look and feel, and its packaging system, in accordance with a complete review and restructuring of the entire product portfolio.

New Brand Identity 

The new Care+Protect’s identity showcases a logo characterized by an iconic bold typography. The aim is to create a strong impact and first of all to instill trust within the target audience. The revamping capitalizes on a renovated emphasis of the “+” (plus) as a key-element of the new brand-line “your professional plus”.
This strategic approach enhances the added value that the Brand brings to users’ lives and the specific end-benefits of each range.

New packaging identity and system

In the new packaging system, the “+” (plus) plays a crucial role in navigating product categories, changing its color according to the intended use of each product and organizing the portfolio into 6 dedicated sub-ranges to communicate:

– A long-lasting performance of appliances
– An effective cleaning of home and appliances
– An excellent laundry
– The food preparation
– The food preservation
– A sustainable promise through a special cross-range platform

The new packaging system looks extremely easy to navigate and manage in terms of extensibility/depth of the sub-ranges, conveying consistency and boldness.

“Collaborating with the DGI team felt like having an extension of our own team. Their structured approach and methodology were crucial in achieving a smooth packaging positioning and the perfect look&feel from the very first proposal. I highly recommend their services, especially for complex projects like ours. Special thanks to the team for their exceptional guidance and support, which is rare to find in agencies. Thank you!”
Sergio Surace
ME Consumables, Accessories & Added Values Marketing Manager at Haier Europe


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