A visual merchandising system to engage and assist.


Design Group Italia partnered with Amplifon to reimagine the visual merchandising system for the company’s concept store.

The result of the collaboration is a flexible and engaging look capable of showcasing and highlighting a variety of brand products, from hearing aids and accessories to cleaning products and maintenance solutions.

The modular design crafted by our designers and Amplifon capitalizes on carefully selected choices in terms of colors, materials, and graphics, providing functionality for both customers and sales staff.



The warm, sleek, and contemporary tone of the visual merchandising system not only enhances Amplifon’s brand identity but also aids customers in exploring the store’s contents and supports the team throughout the entire sales process.



The system captures the customer’s attention from outside; the clarity, coherence, and strength of all communication devices create a bond that successfully combines flexibility and iconicity for the brand, especially for its well-known hearing aids solutions.

The entire visual merchandising system is designed for centralized production; pre-defined modules can be easily assembled or adapted for product launches or store layout modifications, ensuring visual consistency and familiarity across all stores.

Visual consistency and familiarity are guaranteed through all stores.

“Our collaboration with Amplifon covered various aspects: primary packaging, secondary packaging, and now, the stores’ communication and product display system. Applying the company’s brand identity pillars to various contexts and different touchpoints is a great opportunity to materialize the ideal customer relation through design. Adaptability and flexibility were key to the development of this unique, coherent, and highly recognizable visual system.”

Chris Miller
Creative Director

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