Generali Energy Hub

Embracing corporate wellness through workplace design

Generali, one of the largest global insurance and asset management providers, turned to us for the design of their Energy Hub, a space dedicated to workplace wellness on the third floor of the Generali Tower, the iconic company’s Italian headquarters located in CityLife, Milan.

Prioritizing everyday healthcare for employees with a gym, café, team areas and a relaxation or reading area, we translated Generali’s brand values placing people first around a neutral color palette, natural materials and lush greenery with holistic harmony.

The objective was to create a space that makes Generali’s holistic approach to wellness a reality for their employees and a strong statement for the brand.


Chris Miller
Creative Director

The mental activation area is characterised by a more reserved and concealed atmosphere to foster concentration and restoration. Guests are offered healthy herbal teas and literature while enjoying the view of the city from cozy nest chairs.

Team building, dialogue and collaboration are facilitated by the digital entertainment area. We also selected digital games that facilitate team interactions and physical activation.

The sport areas feature fitness equipment, and a space for free body gym courses, training and meditation practices.

“The space had to be versatile and multifunctional, translating the company’s values into a physical place. For us as designers, it was interesting to explore the concept of holistic wellness and to integrate the benefits that a correct physical, mental and social approach can bring to our working life” explains Carlo Casagrande, Design Manager at Design Group Italia.


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