3M SecureFit

Strapping in success for a global leader in safety

Strengthening a decade-long partnership crossing oceans, we helped 3M, a global leader in the safety industry, by crafting a modern and ergonomic safety helmet used in the fields of construction, oil, gas, utilities, forestry and manufacturing. Through in-depth analyses, field studies and user interviews, our team delivered a transversal solution that serves as a global reference. Reflecting emerging trends and needs across Europe and North America, the product is easily adapted between various sectors, work conditions, and each continent’s strict standards. Cleverly designed so that only one mold is needed for both sides of the Atlantic, the helmet embraces a signature X on the back, tying the design language together.

We met with people working in diverse contexts—a construction worker knee-deep in mud on a rainy fall day, an electrician working in a warm underground tunnel, a technician installing an antenna 100 meters up. Our discussions with these people greatly influenced how we designed the new 3M product.

Martin Franzen
Product Design Director

Optimizing safety and comfort through in-depth analyses and progressive prototyping

In this project, prototyping turned out to be particularly important as it allowed us to test and optimize our design with accessories, perfecting the solutions ergonomically.

Adaptable and compatible manufacturing made to embrace 3M’s extensive add-ons and fit within the existing product portfolio.

About the project

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