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Blade Off: a new safety system for carpentry

Numerous accidents in woodworking, often with irreversible consequences for workers, are frequently due to operators modifying or disabling machinery safety systems to streamline activities.

To definitively address this issue, SCM a leading producer of machinery and systems for the woodworking industry,  has enlisted our product design team to co-develop a new safety system.

The result is  the truly innovative Blade Off, a  safety solution that meets  the intrinsic need of the woodworking industry: protecting operators’ hands while maintaining the highest quality of their work in all its nuances and adhering to timelines.



“We worked to create a balance between  rapid and effective performance and the simply eloquent appearance of the protection. SCM boosted us to conceive  a design that enhances safety on the workplace  without interfering with the operators’ habits, keeping them in control of the operations. With  Blade Off we balanced the need to optimally position the sensors for their function while ensuring the protection’s proper mobility. ”

Matteo Smorgon
Senior Product Designer



The design of Blade Off has been conceived to provide operators with:

Minimal bulk and essential aesthetics ensure correct freedom of movement with a measured aesthetic impact. Through a compact and minimal design the  protection is no longer perceived as an obstacle. The safety system’s presence is tangible yet unobtrusive, integrating seamlessly into the operator’s workflow. Blade Off’s lighting system communicates with the operator, providing information on the machine’s status and creating a connection with humans, even when they are away from the machinery.

The body part detection sensors, that are allocated in the sunction hood and in the working table of the circular saw, allow free movement of the suspended mobile protection. The system activates in just a few milliseconds, preventing contact between the sharp part of the blade and the human body even at high feed speeds of up to 2 m/s. Blade Off also protects against sudden and involuntary movements, typical of accidental and unpredictable situations, triggering immediate retraction.


Free movement and no obstacles

The body part detection sensors enable the free movement of the suspended mobile protection.
The protection adjusts according to the size of the workpiece, rising as needed, and effectively collecting the dust produced during cutting

“With the development of this solution SCM strongly wanted to give to their customers a machine that allows them to work in the safest way possible.”

Marco Di Pietro
Digital Marketing and Communication Specialist – Trade Area Manager at SCM

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