Uteco, leading manufacturer of printers and converting machines, tasked us to develop their new flexo printing machines setting a future product design language.

From early ideas to the design for manufacturing refinement, we supported Uteco’s R&D and Engineering teams to foster new solutions in the sector.

The result is OnyxGo: a machine bringing unprecedent levels of innovation in its market in terms of sustainability, ease of use, safety, and productivity.

“The experience gained in the design of industrial machines led us to a design system that follows a few and selected design principles
and that can be scaled to all upcoming products within Uteco’s production.”

Pasquale Cirulli
Lead Designer


We solved the complexity of these kind of machines through a design system based on two simple and complementary bodies ideally belonging to the same basic shape.

The two dialoguing bodies establish a recognizable industrial allure and identity, allowing to better define operating areas and helping their organization.

Several dimensions, printing technologies and components are part of the new UTECO design system covering 4 different print categories, with a total of 25 machines.





The operator workflow is optimized inside and around the machine thanks to the minimalistic and tided style choices made during the definition of the forms.

In accordance with our 360° approach we made product and brand identity work synergically.

Since the beginning of the project, there has been a concertation in which branding devices like Logo, Tagline and Colors work together with physical design. Corporate colors are placed to emphasize the technological areas of the machine: this directly connects to the UTECO’s know how and strengthen the brand legacy.



“Well Being for the people and for the environment.
In the flexographic printing industry, many activities are strenuous and repetitive, exposing the operators to increasing levels of risk during their daily job. Onyx Go’s functional design is aimed at reducing these risks guaranteeing high standards of ergonomics and safety whilst lowering energy, water, waste material and space use.”

Alessandro Bicego
Chief Innovation Officer

The adaptive cockpit can be regulated basing on the operators’ heights for maximum ergonomics.
Long distance communication screen allows real time control on the printing status.
The paper roll engines and equipment are accessible through four doors for an easy and safe inspection.
Corporate colored red windows are a strong branding element and they also provide workers with immediate feedback about the correct functioning of the printing process.
Two lifts are placed within the CI Unit in correspondance with the First and Last Color Unit (the highest):  operators can easily and safely activate them basing on their personal size and comfort.

Maximum efficiency and minimum environmental impact guided every aspect of the machine design, from the external protections to the technology developed for the printing process.

Onyx Go flaunts patented  achievements.

ACTIVE INK SYSTEM ensuring up to 60% energy saving.
ACTIVE DRY SYSTEM ® a smart management of the hot air flow, avoiding wastes and useless dissipation of heat.
ACTIVE START fast setup for no material waste: an intelligent press adapts the drying and inking systems to the characteristics of the individual project in progress.

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