Designing the ultimate fastcharging customer experience

The e-mobility transition is a key issue in today’s world, but the market is still at its dawn as users continue to face various challenges.

Atlante, NHOA Group’s business line dedicated to the Fastcharging Network, is boosting the e-mobility transition starting from Southern Europe, building the largest worldwide Virtual-Power Plant  (VPP).

To reach its goal, Atlante turned to Design Group Italia as the perfect partner to envision the overall to-be customer experience.

The project presented several key challenges that our Service Design Team successfully addressed.


Key Challenges: 
  • Designing for an emerging market: to transform this obstacle into an opportunity, Atlante engaged industry experts, advocates and end users during the research and co-creation phases. By setting new standards inspired by other industries, all together we created a design that fulfills the user’s expectations and preferences.


  • Establishing a cohesive and unique experience:  we developed a strategic concept aligned with both the brand’s identity and the customer’s expectations. Working closely with Atlante, we defined how to translate the company essence into guidelines to build a tangible experience standing out in the landscape of EV charging stations.


  • Designing for a wide range of spaces: to overcome the varying nature of stations and location types, we devised a modular solution applicable to different parking environment layouts. The Atlante charging experience can now be adapted to a wide range of settings.
“The collaboration with DGI, over several months, both on the layout of the fastcharging stations and on each stage of the customer journey, has enabled Atlante to identify and explore several opportunities to create a distinctive customer experience. The guidelines delivered are a valuable source of inspiration for our decision-making, as our development roadmap progresses.”

Halszka de Breza
Atlante Global Head of Customer Experience

Combining a strategic approach with methodologies rooted in various disciplines — including not only service design but also space design among others — was instrumental in providing guidelines to build a successful experience within Atlante’s charging stations.

The idea of charging stations evolved from simply functional structures into extensive, unique, and cohesive experience platforms.

Thanks to this journey with Atlante and all its multifaceted elements, we demonstrated how innovation in user experience can create a significant impact on the adoption and widespread use of electric vehicles, accelerating the transition towards a more sustainable model.

With this in mind, we will continue to pursue our mission of creating meaningful experiences that propel the world towards a better future.

“Designing for an emerging market is an exciting challenge that must be taken up conscientiously.
As designers, we have the opportunity to shape the future, and we are committed to guide the way
towards valuable solutions that benefit everyone involved.”

Sonia Balduzzi
UX & Service Designer

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