Mobility at your fingertips


Born from the experience of Mooney and myCicero, MooneyGo  is the new app offering the widest range of mobility services to simplify everyday travelling, in and out of town all over Italy.

Design Group Italia brand and strategy team partnered with MooneyGo to depict the brand’s DNA as well as launching the app on the market. 

Sharp and dynamic the visual assets and tone of voice were crafted to convey the entire MooneyGo offer.

Paying a parking spot, buying daily and season tickets for short and long-distances transports, taking a taxi is now possible in a tap.


An arrow pointing to the future of mobility

The iconic yellow arrow, integrated into the logotype, becomes a symbol of movement, direction and progression towards the many mobility solutions powered by MooneyGo. Towards tomorrow.

A renewed color palette and an ad hoc photographic style contribute to the creation of a modern and energetic brand, suitable for a dynamic market, always in motion.

The new brand identity provides maximum design consistency
with the mother-brand, while being impactful, bold and distinctive.

The long-lasting collaboration with Mooney, made up of synergy, mutual esteem, and harmony, continues with a new, exciting challenge for the creation of the first 360° mobility brand in Italy.
MooneyGo today presents itself on the market with a fresh, vibrant and impactful image and with an integrated communication system that relies on the solidity of a virtuous group.

Michele Favaretto
Brand Design Director

About the project





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