DOC 24

Building a digital ecosystem for telemedicine

Bringing high-quality healthcare directly to customers, DOC 24 is an app offering 24/7 healthcare services for both individuals and companies. Ready to expand and become a true source of daily support in people’s lives, they turned to us for the expertise and equipment to succeed in a growing telemedicine market. Crafting a new digital and visual language, we improved interaction with digital touchpoints and extended the project to a multi-platform service also available via web. Through extensive research and usability testing, we helped connect DOC 24 directly with patients in record time.

Shaping the experience between patients and telemedicine, the interface communicates data with a friendlier approach breaking down barriers towards digital healthcare.

Our extensive user research including both field observation and interviews helped us understand real user needs, redefine services offered, improve usability, and finally, to develop an effective, communicative and engaging platform.

“Identifying gaps through research with real users is a precious opportunity and fuel for innovation.”

Andrea Desiato
Digital Product Design Director

A new design system to empower the DOC 24 brand

The new DOC 24 look and feel expresses the fresh, clear and friendly DOC 24. It facilitates adoption for the users and reduces the distance between doctor and patient, while remaining professional enough for the B2B market.

Scalable across all touchpoints, the design system builds DOC 24’s brand and helps keep consistency in the various interactions, paving the way for further market growth.

“The project we began was both intense and important, and it allowed us to analyse DOC24 through a new lens. Design Group Italia’s team support was crucial in further developing every aspect, even those that we had overlooked, and in clarifying many elements that then led to defining the overall new design. Design Group Italia ability to fully grasp the product was truly fundamental, not to mention your ability to give life to our ideas when it came to the new look of DOC24.”

Guja Ventura
Marketing Manager International Care Company S.p.A.

About the project

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