ADI Design Index 2023: EGO SMART by Gewiss

EGO SMART by Gewiss is the new home automation solution designed for easy and intuitive household management, offering a smart ecosystem accessible to everyone, regardless of their familiarity with digital tools. With its App Home Gateway, EGO SMART provides user-friendliness and adaptability. Sustainability is at the core of the project, derived from the retrofitting of the old Chorus line.

After a comprehensive research and workshop phase commissioned to our Service Designers by Gewiss, EGO SMART has been designed by our Product Designers and Digital Product Designers in close collaboration with Gewiss to meet the needs of all users for safe and connected living. The smart ecosystem can be seamlessy integrated into a traditional one, making it ideal for renovating existing facilities. Its simple installation and configuration enable people to better live their spaces and installers to easily manage the process.

Today, EGO SMART is part of the prestigious selection ADI Design Index 2023. This recognition acknowledges our collaboration with Gewiss and Tangity, with whom we worked on the final design of the App Home Gateway, placing EGO SMART among the most notable Italian design solutions.

EGO SMART on Show 

EGO SMART by Gewiss is included in the ADI Design Index exhibition at two prominent locations:

November 6-19: ADI Design Museum, Milan

November 27-December 2: Spazio WeGil, Rome

About ADI Design Index

ADI Design Index is the annual selection of the best Italian Design projects. The list is compiled by the “Osservatorio Permanente del Design” a wide group of design experts and professionals organized into committees that deeply analyze each submitted project every year .






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