ADI Compasso d’Oro 2024

We are thrilled to announce that we have won our fourth Compasso d’Oro award for the collaborative work done on Össur Power Knee. This biennial prize organised by ADI Associazione per il Disegno Industriale  is one of the highest recognitions in the design field!

Design for people, design for innovation

We are particularly proud to have collaborated with Össur and all its partners to bring the value of good design to the international stage and for the best purposes, as the ones of Össur Power Knee: the world’s first actively motor-powered microprocessor knee that enables amputees to maintain and regain mobility and participate in the daily activities they enjoy.

“During the project, we completely revisited the production methods and challenged the previous product architecture. Transitioning from milling a large block of aluminum with a lot of waste material to a solution that molds a carbon fiber composite with minimal waste. The main structure has become both an aesthetic element and a functional load-bearing element.” says Martin Franzen, our Product Design Director.

The Compasso d’Oro is a highly prestigious award granted biennially by ADI (Associazione per il Disegno Industriale) to objects that epitomize excellence in design in terms of style, functionality, and innovation. The recognition highlights the innovative approach and collaborative effort in developing a prosthetic that not only restores mobility but it also redefines the possibilities of assistive technology in healthcare, according to the statement of the jury Össur Power Knee witnesses the: “Integration of advanced mechanical technologies and artificial intelligence in the medical sector to transcend the concept of ‘able-bodied.’ The design serves as a bridge between disparate fields of knowledge, emphasizing civic responsibility.”

Federica Busino, Managing Director of Alkemy BX, the area of Alkemy dedicated to creativity, design, and production, commented: “We are very proud of this prestigious recognition, a testament to the added value that innovation and digital transformation can offer. Design Group Italia, an integral part of Alkemy BX, represents the perfect example of how cross-disciplinary skills and a multidisciplinary approach can lead to extraordinary results. Winning the 2024 Compasso d’Oro with the Power Knee project reflects our mission to anticipate change through cutting-edge technological and design solutions.”


Beppe Sala, Mayor of Milan, during the Compasso d’Oro Ceremony

Our Design team receiving the Compasso d’Oro

All photos by Adel Khalifa

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