Power Knee, a step towards the future of prosthetics


Teaming up with Össur, a global innovation leader in the prosthetics industry, our product design team led the process in designing the new Power Knee, the world’s first actively motor-powered microprocessor prosthetic knee.

The goal was to design a prosthetic knee for amputee-users to maintain and regain mobility, allowing them to participate in the daily activities they enjoy.

From early concepts to design refinement, we supported Össur’s R&D and Engineering department to establish a product that combines innovative technology, functional human-centered design, and aesthetics into a holistic solution improving lives.

The Power Knee is a “smart” prosthesis that uses advanced algorithms to detect human movement patterns, learning and adjusting to the wearer’s speed and cadence in real-time.

Designed to follow and adapt to the user’s movements, Power Knee mimics the natural muscle function facilitating symmetrical weight distribution and natural gait.

Intuitive forms and functions express and reflect the precision of the knee.

Echoing the anatomic forms of the tibia, muscles and tendons, the Power Knee’s tensioned curves underline a design rooted in human anatomy.

Accentuating strength, dynamism and power, the main structure acts as both a strong aesthetic element and a functional base on which decorative covers and panels can be applied in a wide range of CMF variants.

Incorporating a sustainable approach, production methods were entirely reconsidered to minimize material waste and optimize weight.



“We completely revisited the current production methods to find ideas and opportunities for improvements. The result is a new knee using an entirely different manufacturing process that saves material and improves weight balance, as well as allowing the product to be customizable to different segments in the category with a broad target audience including high-activity users.”

Martin Franzen 
Product Design Director

Prototyping as an integral part of our process.

About the project

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