Evolving the snacking framework.


Eating opportunities evlove as lifestyles change.
People are more and more looking for healthy and efficient solutions, paying the most attention to the nutritional value of their food choices.
To address the challenges that arise from these changing preferences, Hormel Foods – a US global branded food company with more than 20,000 team members worldwide – partnered with our Brand Design and Product Design experts forging new strategies for the future of nutritious snacks.
Working closely with ethnographic researchers we developed a clear understanding of the demand. Functional and emotional needs were identified and investigated setting the pillars of a new semantics for the industrial snacking framework.
Through our longstanding partnership, we assisted Hormel in developing numerous new products and packaging ideas, ranging from microwavebles meals, energizing breakfasts options for teenagers to healthy and savoury bites. Our snacking innovation framework helped the company shape a modern vision of the snacking offer.

About the project






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