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Food design & innovation


Innovating the Italian classic

What if mozzarella could be eaten like a pasta dish? Galbani asked Design Group Italia to explore new opportunities for the Santa Lucia brand of mozzarella. The focus was on changing the format of mozzarella so it could be eaten like a pasta dish. The product needed to remain authentic, yet push the boundaries of mozzarella as we know it. Our result was mozzarella shaped like the Southern Italian Orecchiette pasta, that could be eaten either as is or dressed for a protein-rich, healthy treat.



    Innovating the healthy snacking category

    We partnered closely with Sabra, the leading producer of hummus in the US, to research, innovate and design new products and structural packaging to broaden their snacking portfolio.


      A research project aiming to improve the diets of senior citizens.

      We’re a part of the Food Social Sensor Network (Food NET), a research and innovation project in the field of Smart Living and Communities.


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