A research project aiming to improve the diets of senior citizens

    We’re happy to announce that we’re a part of the Food Social Sensor Network (Food NET), a research and innovation project in the field of Smart Living and Communities started in January 2017 and with a deadline set for September 2020.

    The project objective is to improve the diet of senior people (65+) by providing them with the nutrients they need through food products that they like to buy and eat.

    Design Group Italia and Italcanditi are entrusted to lead the design process aiming to develop these products, from ideation to prototyping.

    The project is promoted and funded by Regione Lombardia.

    The two first products which have been developed within this project are the Crunchy bread bites with rosemary, curcuma, and Omeolipid, an association of natural extracts by EPO (FoodNet Partner), containing Artichoke, Caihua, and Fenu Greek.

    Omeolipid is designed to improve lipid metabolism.

    Extremely thin bitesize crackers with wheat flour, Moradyn® red cornflour, and camelina (i.e. false flax) oil, rich in omega 3 and antioxidants.

    Both Moradyn® and Camelina oil are supplied by FLANAT (FoodNet Partner).

    The two products will soon undergo a series of clinical tests, carried out by the University of Pavia and Complife Group to prove their claimed benefits.

    The prototypes have been manufactured for Design Group Italia by Figulì


    A complete project overview is available here

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