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Designing digital services for your health

Service Design work in progress for Welion
Cliente Generali Welion
Industria HealthcareInsurance
Expertise Service designUser experience

Creating a new health service ecosystem for the leading insurance company in Europe.

Generali Welion is a new company that provides welfare services for families, companies and employees with the objective to develop new health services to distribute throughout touchpoints.
The company wants to offer not just policies, but also single services and make a shift in the way people think about insurance, making them see it more as a life companion to refer to not just when in need.

To design innovative services with a perspective towards the future, we envisioned new services on a three years horizon, whilst taking into account Welion’s development roadmap.

service design tools for generali

Service envisioning

Our process began with a desk research where Welion’s context of reference was explored by analyzing a number of different pertinent spheres: competitors, technology trends, market trends, laws and regulations, as well as society attitudes towards innovative health services.  Alongside the desk research, we analyzed Welion’s brand and determined its perceived mission and vision.

Understanding the context led us to define the pillars to guide the design process and the newborn company itself.

service design work in progress for Welion

Design methodology

The benchmark on digital health services was conducted considering Insurances, Clinics, Hospitals and Public institutions using three methodologies: desk research to identify the most relevant players on the market, interviews with clients and walkthrough sessions to understand their digital platforms.

The Service and UX benchmark led us to the identification of frictions and best practices to take into consideration in the design of new sets of services and touchpoints.

Human-centered approach

In order to adopt an empathetic and human-centered approach based on user needs and painpoints, we empowered Generali Welion’s retail and employee personas with health related insights and derived a set of behavioral archetypes useful to produce a framework which helped us map these personas according to their mindset.

Mapping users’ behavior and drivers led us define a set of needs that was our guide in the services design phase.

service design tools for generali

“DGI involved our team throughout the entire process: from the initial research phase to the design of the core services. Their collaborative way of working helped us keep the whole team aligned and engaged.”

– Alessandro Benazzato, Head of Customer Excellence & Delivery, Generali Welion
workshop in progress with generali

Service design

After the envision phase and the work session with the client we had the complete view on the complex service ecosystem to be designed up to three years. 

To be better aligned with Generali Welion’s development roadmap and needs we prioritized the services narrowing them down to four.

We worked following lean cycles to design the network of four health services, each independent but connected and part of the bigger ecosystem.

Service design tools for generali
workshop in progress with generali

“Generali Welion’s ambition to develop health services was a huge challenge. Thanks to DGI’s support we could envision and design not only health services, but we were able to create and deliver a 360° experience to our clients, across all touchpoints.”

– Ivano Bosisio, Head of Operations and Customer Excellence, Generali Welion

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