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Product design of helmet for 3M
Cliente 3M
Industria Manufacturing & Industrial
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A highly tailorable, ergonomic helmet

3M asked us to design a new modern safety helmet for their product portfolio, for use in construction, oil, gas, utilities, forestry, and manufacturing. The helmet needed to reflect the emerging trends and needs across Europe and North America. It was critical for the helmet to be adaptable for use across different sectors and work conditions, as well as to each continent’s standards.

3M SecureFit(™) helmet design
Product design of helmet for 3M
Product design of Helmet for 3M

A user-centered product made possible by extensive field research

A product is only well designed if it fulfills its users’ needs and desires. We began this project by performing extensive field research to get a detailed picture of what users needed out of the new helmet. This research provided us with tons of useful material that became the foundation for the design work.

Test of 3m helmet

“We met with people working in diverse contexts—a construction worker knee-deep in mud on a rainy fall day, an electrician working in a warm underground tunnel, a technician installing an antenna 100 meters up. Our discussions with these people greatly influenced how we designed the new 3M product.”

Martin Franzen, Lead Designer

Designing for diverse industry standards

Our challenge was to create a design that would not only match the requirements of different work environments, but that would also be adaptable to the different standards, trends and needs across Europe and North America. We aimed for a solution that, with minimal modification in the production line, would allow for slightly varied versions for the markets of each continent

Product design work in progress for 3m helmet

Optimizing through prototyping

In this project, prototyping turned out to be particularly important as it allowed us to test and optimize our design with accessories and make sure the solutions were ergonomically the best they could.

Prototype of 3m helmet

Creating an identity with a strong design language

As 3M is a market leader, the design had to stand out from the competition and be recognizable as a 3M product. We came up with a very iconic and distinguishing “X” on the back of the helmet. It was a visceral design detail that the client could latch on to, and it survived all the way into production and even became part of the product’s name—X5000.

Product design of Helmet for 3M

Endless Possibilities: a highly tailorable, ergonomic helmet

Users of the helmet can attach a range of hearing, eye and face protection products offered by 3M. With the adaptable helmet design we created, 3M can offer clients a myriad of different configurations to fit their needs.

The helmet’s ergonomics are enhanced by an innovative, easy-turning ratchet suspension system that helps reduce forehead pressure. The formal language is inspired by sports. The helmet has a shorter brim to improve upward vision, dynamic ventilation and airflow to improve heat management, and a rigid structure, signaling safety and comfort. It is made using minimal material and separable parts, which makes for easy recycling.

3m security helmet
Product design of Helmet for 3M
product design of Helmet for 3M

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