Vimar Eikon Tactil
Controlling the smart home

Multiple versions of Vimar control panel
Client Vimar
Industry Consumer goods
Services CMFProduct design
Red Dot Product Design Award
ADI Design Index

Vimar tasked us with the design of Eikon Tactil, a highly personalisable smart control panel for a wide range of electrical systems.

Vimar Eikon Tactil is a smart panel for electrical systems. It can be tailored to a wide variety of needs, from sound systems, temperature, or electric curtains at home, to the varying needs of public spaces such as hotels and offices. The controls are all independent and can be personalized with pre-printed icons and in the colors of six RGB LEDs.

Vimar smart panel
Vimar smart panel
Vimar smart panel white and red
Vimar smart panel white and green
Vimar smart panel

Vimar Eikon Tactil integrates KNX touch technology for energy management with a proximity sensor. In standby mode, it allows you to keep the icons turned off or at a low brightness level while the approach of the user’s hand causes the icons to move up to maximum brightness.

Vimar slim smart panel

Electrical panels for luxury interiors

The design is available in various top quality materials and fine finishes such as glass, wood, Corian, natural leather, and quartzite. The silhouette is minimal, clean-cut, and elegant, fitting to even the most exclusive interiors.

Vimar smart panel wood finish
DGI wood design for Vimar Eikon Tactil

Versatile product design to suit a myriad of different needs

The resulting design is highly tailorable, suiting various different customers, interiors, and uses. It was awarded the Red Dot Design Award, one of the most important design awards in the world, in 2019.

Kitchen detail
Vimar detail
VIMAR hotel detail

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