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Client Vittoria Assicurazioni
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Branding the first incubator in insurtech in Italy

Vittoria Assicurazioni, a historical insurance company founded in 1921, tasked us with the brand strategy, corporate identity, and digital communications of their new incubator for startups in the insurtech sector. Offering programs, consulting, and workspaces for innovative start-ups operating in the insurtech industry, the incubator facilitates collaboration, support, and accelerating growth.

Victoria Hub offices

Heritage meets future in the naming, strategy, and positioning

We worked closely together with the Vittoria Assicurazioni team to bring the trust and the heritage of the brand to the naming and strategy of the incubator. The strong link with the mother brand was key to both the acceptance and success of the new incubator internally with the team and externally with stakeholders and prospects. The name needed to convey a physical place where people come together to create the future.

We landed on Vittoria Hub, where the word ‘hub’ works internationally, adding a clear feeling of the innovative space for the latest technologies in the industry.

The brand line, ‘Insurtech. Together we grow.’ capitalizes on the trendy insurtech segment in a clear and immediate way, while highlighting the collaboration and the mission of the hub: At Vittoria Hub, the partners, the know-how, and the accelerated start-ups all grow.

vittoria hub logo design

A sense of coming together for the logo

The Vittoria logo maximizes the synergy between the brand, the physical space, and digital communication. A circle reflects the spatial design – a rounded piazza inspired by the agora where the ancient Greeks gathered but also a symbol of conclusion, a union of the dots.
The dots represent both the different parties that come together at the hub – partners, start-ups and investors – and the three key values of Vittoria Assuricazioni: Innovation, excellence and co-creation.
The color gives dynamism and brings together the heritage and future of the company.
The solid sans serif font creates a link to the mother brand, with a flashier, stronger, brighter color for a contemporary feel.

vittoria hub branding colors and fonts
vittoria hub brand guidelines

Clarity and consistency to the physical and digital communications

We went on to develop the complete visual system, including all the tools that Vittoria Hub needs, from business cards to communication materials for the inauguration and the media conference organized for the launch.

vittoria hub icons
icon design
vittoria hub ecosystem illustration
vittoria hub business cards
Victoria Hub stationery
Victoria Hub cup
vittoria hub power application
vittoria hub conference name tags
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Victoria Hub merchandising

A strong digital and physical impact

Vittoria Hub needed a website and a digital presence to communicate with its partners, start-ups, and the industry. The site illustrates the phases of incubation and acceleration for start-ups that take place within Vittoria Hub, the various prizes available for start-ups, and the partners involved. It features forms for spontaneous applications or to apply for the various “Calls for Ideas” that take place throughout the year.”

Finally, we provided the team with an infographic style guide and photography style directions, as well as the signage and spatial communications guidelines to keep the digital and physical communications curated and aligned. The entire project, from strategy to applications, was completed within an ambitious schedule of just a few months.

vittoria hub website
vittoria hub site on smart phone screens
vittoria hub signage
Corporate branding design for Victoria Hub
Victoria Hub main entrance
vittoria hub signage
vittoria hub advertising on the street
Victoria Hub interior design
vittoria hub interiors
vittoria hub interiors
Victoria Hub interior design
interior offices of vittoria hub

Design Group Italia to partner with Vittoria Hub

Vittoria Hub will involve a network of partners who will offer support and specialized services to Startups within the program, and we’re proud to continue as a partner of Vittoria Hub, supporting the incubator with our multidisciplinary expertise on design.

Silicon Valley is the perfect place to monitor the insurtech industry – it’s the place where new technologies are crafted, and where early adopters evolve their habits faster than anywhere. Our Silicon Valley team supports Vittoria Hub with trend and technology scouting, design thinking, and research. Together with both startups, traditional insurances, incubators, and insurtech hubs, we can build insurances of the future.”

Leandro Agro, Executive Digital Design Director, Design Group Italia, Silicon Valley
Victoria Hub graphic design

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