Taking on the New World

parmacotto packaging design
Client Parmacotto
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Creative direction for the US market

The American retail food segment, worth almost a trillion dollars (USDA), is a competitive but potentially lucrative endeavor for any European company looking to expand its footprint and its yearly turnover.
We set out to support Parmacotto, the Italian market leader, to enter the American market.

Parmacotto new american pack with truffles and herbs

Our research

Our first duty was to research the values that drive the specialty aisles, and how to convey the product values to the American consumer. We realized that most people would confuse prosciutto cotto (cooked) products with prosciutto crudo (dry), so naming had to be presented clearly as the first piece of information. This knowledge gap presented our biggest hurdle and is very different than American deli hams.

Packaging design

We created a new packaging design for the US market with a dark background and yellow accents. Different flavors are color-coded, and the packaging includes additional storytelling about the Italian roots and the cultural heritage behind the product.

Parmacotto packging design
Parmacotto packging design
Parmacotto packging design

We needed the product name to jump off the pack. The US consumer had to understand that Cotto was a high-quality product- equal to its famous Crudo counterpart.

Gabriel Zangari, Design Director, DGI New York
Parmacoto US packaging design
Parmacotto packaging design for US market
Parmacotto window design
Parmacotto stand design
Parmacotto stand design
Parmacotto packaging dispenser

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