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installation design for Intel at CES2020
Client Intel
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The Intel experience at CES 2020

At the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020 in Las Vegas USA, the technology giant Intel wanted to show the impact their technology is having on society, businesses and people on a global scale. Intrepid Creative brought us in to collaborate on this dramatic, data-driven brand activation at the patio of the Canaletto restaurant, the hub for Intel technology during the event.

Installation design for Intel at CES2020

Momentous Data Sculptures tower over the square

Featuring the work of media artist Refik Anadol, the activation features a series of captivating data sculptures displayed across four 11-foot tall video LED monoliths and an integrated LED video floor. Each monolith represents one of the enabling technologies that Intel is focusing on: Compute, 5G Networking, Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Vehicles. The entire experience was powered by Intel hardware throughout the production pipeline – from data analysis to compute, graphics render, playback and display of the work.

Refik Anadol’s visual interpretations of data

Intrepid’s creative direction delineated a natural connection between Refik Anadol’s data visualization artwork and Intel’s mission. His work explores the dynamic relationship between architecture, media arts and machine intelligence. His data sculptures for Intel are based on the visual interpretations of large data sets—using proprietary processes and algorithms, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to transform data into visual, kinetic art.

Installation design for Intel at CES2020
Installation design for Intel at CES2020

The power of immersive experiences

By immersing Intel executives, data experts, press and technologists into a dynamic, living infusion of art, data and technology, The activation allowed for Intel to interact with its targets, inspiring conversations about the future of data analysis and the many opportunities and experiences it will enable in our lives.

We live surrounded by data, but we don’t think of it as attractive or even creative. This installation, on the other hand, reveals the intrinsic beauty of data, to tell about its depth and future possibilities.

Gabriel Zangari, Design & Managing Director, DGI New York
installation design for Intel at CES2020

Results: Engaged stakeholders and social media buzz

The CES 2020 activation was a new format for Intel, focusing on reaching its customers, ecosystem business partners, press, analyzes, and influencers. Intel’s activation was at capacity during the nearly three-day CES activation. Their media, VIP customer and retailer programs were all successful. The social media buzz was equally impressive. Intel exceeded its video view rate by at least 100X based on the views of Refik’s Intel Data Sculpture videos on Instagram and other platforms.

installation design for Intel at CES2020

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