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Reimagining employee wellness

Client Generali
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An employee wellness experience that taps into brand values in CityLife, Milan

Generali, one of the largest global insurance and asset management providers, recently opened its Italian headquarters in the Generali Tower. An iconic addition in the new city centre of Milan, CityLife. The company tasked us with the third floor of the Tower, Energy Hub, dedicated to the world of integrated welfare.

Starting from the mission and strategy of Generali, we translated the values ​​of the brand to a natural, calm wellness area for the Generali employees. This also marks a new step in developing the brand perception and positioning of the insurance giant towards a more holistic wellness approach.

Workplace well-being is created in many ways, ranging from team-building and social connections to nutrition, physical activity and silent reflection and recharging. That is why we created a wellness area for multiple functions and facilities, including areas dedicated to fitness and training, areas dedicated to meditation, pauses, and relaxation, and facilities designed for medical visitations and check-ups.

Versatile space for integrated wellbeing at work

Team building, dialogue and collaboration are facilitated by circular sofas, while the entertainment area allows for a moment of fun and inspires a friendly challenge between colleagues. We selected digital games that facilitate team interactions and physical activation. Mental activation area has a more reserved and concealed atmosphere for solitude and restoration. The guests are offered healthy herbal teas and literature while enjoying the view of the city from cozy nest chairs. The sport areas feature fitness equipment, and a space for free body courses, training and meditation practice.

Greenery and natural materials for an experience of wellbeing

We chose a neutral palette of colors, warm and natural materials such as wood and comfortable, highly tactile fabrics to create harmony and a sense of continuity and fluidity within the space. The integration of plants and greenery into the furnishing elements contribute to the atmosphere of wellness and the natural division of the space. Spatial graphics and training equipment bring a more energizing feel, creating a contrast to the otherwise calm space.

Custom furnishings for clever space division

Custom oak furniture divides the spaces, defining different situations and experiences. Through  clever space layout, we created various nooks and corners with different atmospheres for the Generali employees to relax and take a break. The point of integration between the spaces is the stylistic language, dictated by oblique lines and rounded corners, which gives a strong identity while maintaining consistency with the rest of the building.


The space had to be versatile and multifunctional, capable of translating the company's values into a physical place. With the design, we also aimed to convey Generali’s approach to holistic well-being.
For us as designers, it was interesting to explore the concept of holistic wellness, designing various different spaces that benefit both the physical, the mental, and the social aspects of our work life today.

Carlo Casagrande, Senior Product Designer

The Energy Hub in the Generali Tower, CityLife Milan, was opened in December 2019.

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