Enel X
Engineering for e-mobility infrastructures

Rendering for EnelX
Client Enel X
Industry Smart Mobility
Services Lighting designMechanical engineering

Pole charger and wall-units for E-Mobility

Enel X, the energy company Enel wanted to expand its operations on the e-mobility market. They tasked us with engineering their new, iconic charging units designed by Koz Susani Design for both B2B and B2C markets, and to bring them to mass production.

EnelX Power Box

Close collaboration from idea to mass production

Enel is a global energy company, but for this project, it needed to become also a manufacturing company. We collaborated closely with the design team at Koz Susani Design, and the Enel X team throughout the entire process from the concept to the final product launch, managing a complex network of stakeholders and deadline challenges.
In a project as complex as this, fruitful collaboration like this, and full integration with both manufacturing and operations are key to achieving results required in terms of quality, reliability and time to market.
The DGI team was a part of every single decision and process along the way, also facilitating the relationships between the customer and the entire supply chain. We built a supply chain for them, proposing and validating suppliers together with the client, visit the suppliers together, contracting including proposals, quotations, and judging their quality. Our support made the process smooth and efficient for the client.

Mechanical engineering that exceeds complex requirements

The charging stations offered a combination of challenges regarding mechanics and shape. In addition, our work needed to meet a complex set of requirements: the products had to pass tests such as IP54, IK 8/10 and pulling tests while respecting the minimum regulations on the market.


EnelX pole engineering construction

Prototyping to facilitate the new product development process

The protective cover of the pole units keeps rain and dirt away from the actual electronics inside. Our functional prototypes helped define the positioning of the doors, as well as the optimal size of the pole for easy servicing.

The Enel team wanted to offer its clients the possibility of choosing different materials for the product. We created aesthetic prototypes to help define the final materials, aluminium and Corian.

We also supported the prototype construction, ramp-up production, and certification.

Axonometric view for Enel X
Design Engineering work in progress for EnelX

Lighting design to enhance User Experience

The charging stations use lighting to communicate with their users, indicating e.g. if the stations are reserved or functioning correctly. Constrained by technology that is still developing, requirements and the size of the product, we included the feature in our tests and prototypes to make the lighting based interaction possible.

Design engineering work in progress for EnelX
Lighting test for EnelX engineering design

A wall unit for a multitude of different configurations

The wall unit needed to be smaller, which provided some limitations with space. It also needed to facilitate various different socket designs, and be tailorable for companies such as car share companies or car producers. For the final phases of the wall unit, we worked together with eMotorwerks, a California-based start-up Enel acquired in the process.

Design engineering for EnelX

The products were introduced in September 2018 at the E-mobility hub events in Rome and Vallelunga, Italy.

Design engineering for EnelX

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