In a world where the demand for renewable energy is constantly growing, FIMER, a leading global manufacturer of solar inverters, energy storage solutions and EV chargers, tasked our Engineering and Product Design Teams with the development of a new e-mobility product family.

First and foremost, our team set out to imagine a differentiating offer, capable of fulfilling users’ needs and optimizing production costs, timing, and requirements in terms of reliability and certifications.

The first product from the range is FIMER FLEXA AC Wallbox: a wall-mounted charging device for residential and commercial applications. Essential and customizable, FLEXA AC Wallbox is available in various configurations depending on connectivity, power and vehicle attachment.

To validate each choice and the subsequent material, mechanical, electrical and electronic behaviors of the product, our team, in coordination with the client and the supply chain, ran all necessary tests to start the production via an efficient Design for Manufacturing approach.



Made to fit with any domestic environment — even in the smallest of spaces — the engineering process focused on the development of FIMER FLEXA Home, an extremely compact variation of the FLEXA AC Wallbox, making it 60% smaller, and  with a dedicated  holster for simple and organized cable management.

All Wallbox products are IP55 and IK08 patented in every configuration, while plastic components are composed of 100% recycled materials. The remaining elements were then chosen by prioritizing both performance and impact.

Modulated across the entire family, a luminous insert visually ties the three products together, defining each articulation whether in the form of a responsive strip or an LED system detailing the status of the charger.

The third product, dedicated to commercial and public applications, is the FIMER FLEXA AC Station 2.0. Its look and internal engineering are the result of an evolution of the FLEXA AC Wallbox technology offering a complete and innovative solution that boosts the features of charging stations.  Here, the product leverages the existing components and assembly methods to optimize both production and installation.

Its customizable frontal area is illuminated by a clearly visible 7” TFT Display  providing the most complete information on the status of charging session in a robust solution that’s both IP55 and IK10 certified.

“We worked around a precise engineering and design constraint:
shaping a unique and coherent family of products by using the fewest number of pieces possible,
optimizing the simplicity of assembly with a smooth installation and a rapid delivery of the final project.”

Roberto Beretta
Engineering Director



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