UI and UX to save lives

Photo of Emma in use
Client Beta 80
Industry HealthcareSocial Impact
Services User experience

We redesigned the digital experience of a public safety answering point (PSAP).

Series of interfaces for Emma

The emergency room environment

Operators do an incredible job in less than minutes, answering hundreds of dramatic, stressful calls every single day. We immersed ourselves in their work culture, gaining insights from users and operators of Command Centrals in Milano. We quickly learned that every second could literally save a life.

Interacrtive map for Emma

UI for when you have less than 30 seconds

Our challenge was to help operators do their work better in an extremely stressful environment, with no friction or pain points from the software tools. We created a fresh and clear UI, where information is displaced around the map. The smart interface supports the operator by suggesting relevant places, actions. It also constantly gives feedback to its user. On the technical side, we were committed to guaranteeing high performance in terms of speed, response, and memory usage to ensure that cartography can work smoothly 24/7, every day of the year.

Agile development following an aggressive release schedule

The project started with a co-creation workshop where insights and first draft concepts emerged. All software was then realized following an aggressive schedule, created by a lean team that worked in close collaboration with the Beta80 team.

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