Eiriksson Brasserie
Interior design for a modern French brasserie

Client Eiriksson Brasserie
Industry Hospitality & destinations
Services CMFCorporate brandingExperiential spacesLighting design

We created a new take on the classic French brasserie on the main street of Reykjavik, Iceland.


The fine-dining restaurateur behind one of Reykjavik, Iceland’s oldest restaurants came to us with his vision for a new restaurant—a brasserie with a sophisticated yet relaxed ambiance that would serve food and drinks prepared with great care and quality ingredients all day long, from breakfast late into the night. The location: a prime spot on Reykjavik’s main street.

We created a new take on the classic French brasserie, designing the restaurant’s interiors, customer experience, CMF, lighting, branding and communication design to bring to life Fridgeir Ingi Eiriksson’s vision for unique, modern dining in Reykjavik.


bartender of eiriksson brasserie

Designed for all-day-long, chic dining

The brasserie’s interiors reflect a classic French art deco brasserie, but with a contemporary twist. They combine metals—chiefly brass, wood, and clean lines to create a sophisticated and comfortable dining ambiance.

The restaurant’s color palette is dark and cozy. Our CMF specialists chose materials that help the brasserie retain its intimate atmosphere throughout the day, regardless of the natural light conditions outside. A mix of custom-designed decorative pieces and carefully selected contractor pieces that we fine-tuned finish out the restaurant’s stylish design.

entrance of eiriksson brasserie
Moodboard of materials for eiriksson brasserie

Chef’s safest table

The retail space now home to the brasserie was formerly the site of a bank. We retained the bank’s impressive vault, building a wine cellar that boasts one of the best wine collections in the country and creating a space for a one-of-a-kind, private dining experience inside of its 50 cm-thick walls.

In addition to handling the brasserie’s design, we also took care of coordinating the collaborations with suppliers and manufacturers, ensuring quality throughout production and assembly.

Interior design of eirksson brasserie caveau
Interior design of eirksson brasserie caveau

Metallic graphic design

Our graphic design team worked side by side with our interiors team, following the same mood and style direction to design the logo and menus, which are in 1930s art nouveau gold and brass colors.

graphic of menus for eiriksson brasserie

Shining bright

We designed the brasserie’s lighting to make Eiriksson Brasserie stand out on the main street of Reykjavik. Upstairs, the lighting is created with ceiling luminaires and recessed devices. Downstairs, the atmosphere is more intimate. The dramatic and targeted lighting design both aids navigation and creates the overall prestigious experience.

interior design eiriksson brasserie
eiriksson brasserie from outside

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