Boosting the new identity of the range

For generations, Plasmon has been synonymous with
high-quality baby food, representing one of the most renowned brands in its market segment.

In accordance with its total rebranding and new portfolio architecture, parent company Kraft Heinz reached out to our Brand Design and Strategy department to revamp the entire Nutri-Mune range, a line of functional products that help to boost the immune system of our little ones.

The goal was to reposition the range in order to convey a “good science” in line with Plasmon’s promise
while avoiding the old paramedical look & feel of the brand.

Embracing the key visual composition of the ingredients and immediately conveying the idea of a “good science”, a fresh, white and light blue shield now communicates the line’s functional and protective benefits.

Embodied in a reliable and playful tone, Nutri-Mune’s value proposition combines the idea of immune system support with a dynamic lifestyle evoked by the illustrated characters.

About the project

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