Expanding business opportunities
while improving brand longevity

DGI and Kraft Heinz continue their strategic partnership facilitating the evolutionary path of the Plasmon brand and portfolio.

To increase the sources of revenue, expand consumption opportunities and improve the long-term longevity of the brand, DGI supported Kraft Heinz in the reorganization of the Plasmon portfolio, repositioning a significant part of the offering with brand new NPDs dedicated to growing children (beyond the infant segment).


From these advancements, a new product platform – complementary to the core Plasmon infant range – has been launched with a fanciful and innovative proposition based on new recipes for new contexts of use (on-the-go, out-of-home and more) to let toddlers discover new tastes and textures and improve their food experiences with new food adventures.

In terms of packaging identity, Plasmon’s core design equities – specifically brand color and the natural and reliable look & feel – have been confirmed to reassure parents and buyers while introducing surprising touches of fun and playfulness.


The new  look and feel of the brand
engages growing children
as a new generation
of incoming decision makers.
To accompany the little ones on this journey of discovery, Design Group Italia and Plasmon have created
a brand-new hero-character: Trotto il Tigrotto (Trotto the lil’ tiger), the transforming explorer who, on every single product, interacts with the ingredients and surrounding environment to create a new story.
Trotto also becomes a key testimonial for the awareness campaigns communicating new product ranges on digital channels, POS touchpoints and merchandising applications.


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