Design Stories from the Retreat

An exhibition to celebrate 30 years of Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon has been at the forefront of Icelandic design for three decades, translating the shapes, colors, and textures of its volcanic surroundings into the principles guiding its unique esthetic.    

The Retreat at Blue Lagoon, which opened in 2018 and received countless awards and honors, represents the pinnacle of Blue Lagoon’s approach to design, embodying the harmonic interplay of interior and exterior through the inspired orchestration of furnishings, art, and materials.

To showcase how design is part of Blue Lagoon’s DNA, we worked with Blue Lagoon to envision, curate and design an exhibition for the Design March festival.

​The selected site is an art gallery and with this exhibition, we pulled back the curtain on several key elements of the Retreat’s interior landscape, revealing the untold stories of its defining design components.

Each design story was deliberately decontextualised and made up
of the physical assets mixed with digital and graphic content.


Every corner of the exhibition was conceived to showcase a materic and stylistic tale. Five stories were created, each with its own narrative behind the designers, the process and the pieces on display, ranging from classic Icelandic pieces to collaborations with contemporary designers, from graphics to custom ceramics collections.

#Furniture: Resurrecting iconic designs​.

#Ceramics: Rescuing forgotten treasures​.

#Lava: Frozen in time yet timeless​.

#CMF: Connecting with the landscape​.

#Rugs: Reimagining the moss.

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