3M Saudi Arabia

Spatial design for cutting edge technology

As part of our long-term collaboration with 3M, we designed a Customer Innovation Center for 3M offices in Riyadh, Saudi-Arabia.

Customer innovation centers are corporate spaces for 3M to meet their clients. Here 3M finds the ideal environment to introduce and discuss its technologies, products and market applications with relevant guests.

We’ve designed over 12 Customer Innovation Centers all over the world for 3M, translating the global 3M values to answer the needs of each market and business culture.


3M Saudi Arabia Customer Innovation Center
has been designed to highlight the technolgical innovation
that 3M always pushes forward and to help visitors focus on them.



The Customer Innovation Centre storytelling is focused on how 3M’s technologies work for Saudi Arabia


At the 3M Saudi Arabia Customer Innovation Center, visitors can learn everything they need about the company’s products.

Further more they can test and develop custom solutions.

Our design team conceived over 25 different demo tools to allow the experimentation of any 3M technological  solutions.

The trial of the products and the understanding of the technologies are fostered and facilitated, inviting guests to interact with the 3M world that interest them most.

About the project

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