3M Italy 

Changing the perception: from supplier to partner

For 3M Italy, we designed the Corporate Innovation Center around the concept of ‘Microcosmos’.

The center, where 3M meets its customers, gives an immersive experience while presenting 3M’s technologies in an elegant and responsive way.

The visit is divided by themes and designed around specific personas. During the visits, customers engage with 3M’s various solutions while building their own.

The Italian Innovation Center is one of over dozen centers we’ve designed for 3M, located all over the world.


The spaces were inspired by the experience of exploring the centre
of a little historic Italian town. After walking through
narrow streets, discovering exciting things along the way,
you find your way to a piazza, where you sit down
for a cup of coffee and a conversation.



The Innovation Center highlights the cutting-edge and innovative technologies that 3M is known for.
The Technology Center is where companies can develop custom solutions together with 3M.


We designed a unique and integrated experience.
Physical demo tools conceived and manufactured by our team allow visitors to experiment with 3M products directly.
By placing objects on the desk, video content starts automatically.


About the project





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