Five specialist divisions. One synergic practice.

Research division

Analyzing ecosystems to identify new growth opportunities

Constant research is a key asset of the DGI design process, enabling us to gain a deep understanding of our clients, their consumers and industries. We deploy a mix of complementary skills in the fields of branding, design, marketing, psychology and technology to meet the challenges of complex projects. Profiling consumer insights and behavior, analyzing the latest trends, identifying points of persuasion and leverage while monitoring competitive arenas, different segments and markets with cultural differences, we acquire a deep understanding of consumers and the underlying logic of complex ecosystems. It is this knowledge which enables us to anticipate new business opportunities and identify attractive gaps in the market to help our clients empower and shape their futures.

Branding and design
Brand audits
Design audits
Style reports
Brand perception surveys
Brand portfolio analyses
Brand architecture analyses
Identity and visual analyses
Communications analyses

Market and innovation
Trend analyses
Trend mapping
Market analyses
Competitor analyses
Scouting for innovation
Technology trends
New market strategies
Opportunity mapping

Customers and consumers
Customer segmentation
Consumer insights
Driver of choice analyses
Experience audits
Personas and user journeys
Ethnographic research
Interviews and workshops
User tests
Incentive mapping

Strategy division

Driving development and maximizing profit.

Strategy is the foundation of every project. It determines the logic, development criteria and assets which guide every design, management, marketing and implementation choice. Strategy is thus a key to effective project governance and design solutions that are fully aligned with our clients’ business objectives. But it is also much more, being the vehicle with which we support and stimulate our clients to identify new business opportunities, new products and potential new markets. Because we don’t regard strategy as “just” a means to meet a specific need or requirement. We see it as a way of engaging with our clients to encourage them to “look beyond”, “be pioneers” and “discover new horizons”.

Brand strategy
Global branding
Brand positioning
USP development
Brand essence
Brand values
Brand personality
Vision and mission
Brand architecture
Portfolio strategy & rationalization

Innovation and design
Brand workshops
Innovation workshops
Foresight workshops
Innovation strategy
New concept development
Design project roadmap
Design alignment with business strategy
Style direction

Brand advisory
New-to-world brand development
New market strategy
Brand governance
Brand engagement
Brand activation
Green branding
Communications advisory
Education and training
Knowledge sharing

Verbal strategy
Naming strategy
Taglines / brand lines
Brand language
Tone of voice

Branding division

Creating strong identities for powerful differentiation.

Branding translates strategic criteria and assets into true design projects – signs, aids and objects that talk and relate with people, becoming part of their daily lives. It brings concrete form to and compellingly expresses the DNA and USPs of a brand in all its different communications touchpoints and modes of expression. And it needs to ensure the brand is distinctive from its competitors and aligned with company objectives, stakeholder expectations and consumer desires. Because only then can it achieve its mission: To be recognized and be chosen, building enduring relationships day after day.

Logos and visual identity
Corporate Identity
Brand restyling/redesign
Brand stretching
Look & feel/House style
Typography & calligraphy
Visual identity systems
Brand guidelines

New pack development
Cross-cultural adaptation
Pack restyling and lifting
Product stretching
Line extension
Deco packs & limited editions
Promo & co-marketing packs
Technical/structural packs
Sustainable packaging

Consumer branding
B2B & B2C communication
Literature and editorial design
Environmental & retail design
Web concept design
Signage and way-of-finding
Destination branding
Touchpoint/application design
Production and implementation

Product division

45 years of award-winning innovation.

The constant factor in our product design approach is that we place the user’s needs and the brand’s relationship with its customers at the core of every project. We work closely with our clients from outlining the design strategy to pre-engineering and production. This continuity is essential for us to produce front-end innovation that is maintained throughout the project process and ends up on the market. Internally, we build cross-competence teams with our Strategy division and our IoT, CMF and Lighting Labs, to tailor our services to the clients’ needs, as in 45 years, we have never seen two projects that are the same. We use user-driven insights to provide product innovation, our production expertise to help meet target costs, and our product engineers to ensure an attention to detail that we follow through to the final product. We have provided solutions for products with an annual run of 50 million items in Asia, and solutions for small pre-series production runs of 10 items for tech start-ups.

Product concept creation
Stakeholder Mapping
Competitor benchmarking
Product Mapping and Analysis
Co-creation Workshops
Storyboarding Experiences
User Insight Synthesis
Design Strategy

Product design and detailing
Product design style direction
Concept design
Design development
- 3D Models database
- Mock-ups
- Renderings
- Animations
Product design guideline
Concept engineering
Proof of principle prototyping
CMF design (color, material, finish)
Integrated lighting solutions
Product graphics and decoration

Design for manufacture
Production technology scouting
Manufacturing process innovation
Cost and BoM estimation
Model making and 3D prototyping
Pre-series manufacturing

User experience design
Product-service ecosystem
Physical & digital user interface
Cognitive ergonomics

Experiential Spaces division

Unlocking customer value through the senses

The Experiential Spaces Division works to unlock value for our clients through solutions that trigger behavioral change in their customers within physical and digital spaces. The division’s specialists work closely with our clients to identify and build complementary and cohesive differentiating experiences across all their customer touchpoints, combining expertise in product design with a deep understanding of human behavior acquired during many years experience. The process first gains a clear understanding of the client’s key market objectives and then analyses the mental models of potential and existing customers to increase the probability of triggering desired behaviors. Our compelling design methodologies use behavior, interaction, lighting and interiors to create a positive impact. A learning system improves competitiveness and maximizes effectiveness.

User experience
- Market objectives
- Behavioral objectives
Space inspection
Brand expression
Organizational engagement
Customer journey mapping

Style direction / trends
Concept generation
Compelling design
- Behavioral design
- Interaction design
- Lighting design
- Interiors, layout & flow
- Spatial communications
- Bespoke furniture
- Digital concepting
- Sensorial touchpoints (CMF)
3D design
Design development

Engineering design
- Demonstration tools
- Prototyping interactions
- Lab testing and mock-ups
- Environmental graphics
- Storytelling development
- Contractor synching
- Design review
On-site installation

KPI definition
Optimization of use
Customer relationships
Measurement and analysis
- Performance
- Learning
- Use and utilization
- Solution generator