Vimar Eikon Evo
New product range for the luxury market

Client Vimar
Industry Technology
Services CMFProduct design

Vimar, a leading Italian company in electrical equipment and home automation, asked us to design a product range for the luxury market segment.

Our preliminary research set out to identify targets, how they live in their homes and the related interior design trends. We discovered that customers for the luxury market demand perfect coordination between every element of their interior space.

A simple, elegant solution makes Vimar’s distinguishing characteristic – quality – the key driver through a combination of fine materials and ultra-flat design. A range of finely-worked materials such as marble, wood, glass and crystal is highlighted in a minimal frame.


We achieved the flattest switch-covers available on the market, for utterly seamless integration through close collaboration that enabled the technical constraints to be pushed to new limits. our product designers and CMF experts supported the Vimar team in incorporating the new materials to their existing production scheme for minimum costs and maximum efficiency. The trend and target research was then used as a direct basis for developing the strategy, materials collection and naming.

Luxury Materials and Technology

As part of the new positioning of the Eikon system, the CMF Lab identified the aesthetic and stylistic trend scenarios that appeal to the brand’s target customer base. The luxury lifestyle trends identified led to the selection of the materials and finishings and the development project carried out in conjunction with Vimar’s Technical Design and Industrialization Office. The main CMF design characteristics included authentic materials, refined machining and extreme attention to detail.

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