New technology configuration for smart buildings

user interface for inxpect
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The smart security start-up Inxpect created MSK-101, a first generation security device that is based on radar technology.  Inxpect tasked us with a companion app for the installation and configuration of the device.

user interface of inxpect
Animated gif of inxpect product

Visual configuration process for technicians

The technicians who use the app to install and configure the device may not know much about radar technology, nor have configured many “smart” security systems. We put ourselves in their shoes: What do they need to know and understand to go through the process without problems? We designed a guided process that walks technicians through installing, configuring and optimizing the devices. It also educates them about the system, and about how radar works.

user interface for inxpect

Clear, visual app design

The accompanying app has clear, simple visuals to guide the users through: applying the appropriate pitch angle, optimizing the sensing, capabilities, adjusting for different mounting positions and heights.

Straightforward visuals represent the different zones and levels of detection.

user interface for inxpect
user interface for inxpect
User interface for inxpect

“Our team thinks holistically about IoT and smart solutions. We don’t just design an interface; we think about the whole ecosystem and the process in which this interface fits. This way, we ensure the best possible results for the client. By designing this app, we were actually designing the first step in a process that a building owner may take in retrofitting a building to become ‘smart’ and even more secure.”

– Julie Blitzer, Digital User Experience Manager

Inxpect is part of Superpartes.
This was our first collaboration with the tech start-up incubator based in Brescia, Italy.

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