Let the sound touch you 

Client IntendiMe
Industry Healthcare
Services Mechanical engineeringProduct designService designUser experienceUser interface
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KitMe – Award-winning innovation for accessibility

For those who are deaf and hard of hearing, everyday tasks around the house can present significant challenges, with many devices — from doorbells to baby monitors — relying on sound alerts. To craft a people-oriented solution, our multidisciplinary team joined forces with the founders of IntendiMe, a new startup providing accessibility through an intertwined ecosystem of products including sensors, a smartwatch, and an app. Applied directly to any sound source and connected via an integrated system, the sensors send alert notifications to a wearable smart device with extensive options and an intuitive interface.

Our challenge was to design a health device that didn’t look like one.
KitMe's simple, elegant forms reference smart wearables and adapt to many users, situations and homes, becoming a part of the everyday life.

Martin Franzen, Director, Product Design

KitMe has been developed not only for deaf people but together with them, by constantly listening to their needs.
With functionality and design always going hand in hand, we commit ourselves to continue the KitMe story to let it adapt to different users, situations and environments, becoming part of everyday life.

Alessandra Farris, President & Co-founder, IntendiMe

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