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Reimagining the future of personalized medicine

Forging ahead into the scientific forefront of personalized medicine, genomics, pharmaceutical compounding, and technology, Fagron selected us to partner with them in completely reimagining their company strategy, new corporate strategic business assets, positioning, brand portfolio, identity, and narrative.
Our shared goal: to build consistency across their global network, a solid sense of belonging, and impactful brand recognition.

World Map with Fagron brand identity

In synergy with us, Fagron evolved into a global network that stresses world-class pharmaceutical compounding quality, cutting-edge innovation, and a solid scientific core, synthesizing a new company purpose that establishes their passion for creating the future of personalized medicine. The new business elements will enable Fagron to revolutionize medical compounding and build new business opportunities to meet the growing therapeutic needs of patients around the world.

The foundation for a new Fagron

We held a workshop in Rotterdam with the key stakeholders driving the new Fagron. During our time together, we built a deep understanding of the companies’ core competencies and aspirations to redefine their company culture.
Working together, we transformed the company proposition, fine-tuning the brand values, developing a new strategic positioning that emphasized the company’s latest USP of genomics, software, equipment, and personalized medicine.

workshop for fagron about branding
workshop for fagron about branding
workshop for fagron about branding
Workshop for fagron about branding

A new way of thinking to personalized medicine

Laying down the framework to build one global Fagron, we reorganized the company portfolio and designed a new brand architecture capitalizing on key design elements, like the logo, while maintaining a global consistency.

Once defined as a scientifically focused provider of pharmaceutical compounds, Fagron was reshaped into a global company maintaining their culture of science, creativity, and entrepreneurship, and reintroduced as a partner in personalized compounding solutions. The new identity connects all of Fagron’s entities into one global brand, united by a vision, compounded into an externally focused brand line, “Personalizing medicine” and the company purpose “together we create the future of personalized medicine.”

logo design for Fagron
logo design for Fagron
Brand identity spec for Fagron
Color palette for Fagron brand identity
Graphic design for Fagron
Design of icons for Fagron
Branding guidelines for Fagron

A scientific approach to creating unity: Formulating a united, global Fagron

Unified in a common purpose, yet distinct in their own identities, Fagron’s new logo expresses individual entities coming together through an ownable iconic symbol where each dot represents an element of the new Fagron synthesizing the concept of “the sum is greater than single parts.”

Fagron puts customers first, and the customer is represented by the first red dot. The surrounding red dots represent business values crucial to delivering on Fagron’s purpose: speed of execution, entrepreneurship, creativity, and quality. Quality is at the center of the new logo, emphasizing that quality is central to Fagron’s daily operations. The final red dot stands for Fagron’s core business of pharmaceutical compounding. The subsequent three grey dots symbolize the evolution of new business segments: Genomics, Lab and Technology.

The bold and unifying identity creates a strong impact when meaningfully applied across the new branding system: photographic style, typography, and iconography.


A global approach with local adaptability

The impactful visual system communicates a family feeling that is globally coherent across the mother brand and all of the Fagron sub-brands at the same time allowing for local flexibility. The visuals are issued coherently across all major business digital and physical touchpoints.

corporate branding design for Fagron
Business card for Fagron
Presentation deck template for Fagron
Graphic design for Fagron
Mobile responsive website for Fagron
Logo prototype for Fagron
Logo prototype for Fagron
Logo prototype for Fagron
Packaging design for Fagron

From a design perspective, a major challenge for us was overcoming local and national regulations while maintaining consistency in the packaging.
Together with Fagron’s marketing team and all the experts in packaging and production, we developed the guidelines that respect the legal and technical aspects, while staying flexible enough to allow for local adaptations.

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Packaging design for Fagron
Graphic pattern for Fagron
Packaging design for Fagron

Packaging design for personalized medicine

Fagron is trailblazing the market for personalized medicine, developing breaking new solutions for healthcare according to the unique needs of each patient. For the products in the genomics segment, we created an elegant, differentiating packaging adorned by a pattern that reimagines DNA strings.

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