WHAT NEXT Stefano Moriggi

We’re happy to announce that we will continue with WHAT NEXT, a concept initiated at La Triennale di Milano on the occasion of our 50th anniversary last year.

We look forward to continuing the dialogue with a series of events to discuss the future of design, innovation, and society. The first event will feature Stefano Moriggi, a philosopher working on social and digital interactions. The conversation is moderated by journalist Luca de Biase.

Stefano Moriggi is a logician and philosopher of science. His research concerns theories and models of rationality, foundations of probability and American pragmatism, with a particular focus on the relationship between cultural evolution and technology.

Moriggi divides his research-time between the anglo-Saxon world of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries and the “machines” that are re-shaping the way we (more or less consciously) consider ourselves as “human”. He has taught Logic and Philosophy of Science at the European School of Molecular Medicine (SEMM); he is a member of the International School for the Promotion of Science and scientific consultant of the Piccolo Teatro of Milan. Currently, he conducts research at the University of Milan Bicocca, where he focuses mainly on the development of models and settings for digitally enhanced learning.

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