HMI development: new frontiers of industrial production

We often hear about the growing importance of the digital aspect of the design process, but these topics are typically tied to office life.
At Design Group Italia, we think differently.

We are accustomed to tackling elusive challenges that are essential for innovation and for developing fair and good industrial production methods, starting from a multidisciplinary and holistic approach. We believe that the basis of industrial production lies in the relationship between workers and machinery.

Focusing on a die casting HMI

With reference to the die casting sector, the integration between production activities and the endless possibilities offered by digital design is an invaluable resource.

Lately something new seems to be happening: a few major companies have become increasingly interested in developing up-to-date HMI (Human Machine Interface) solutions, valuing the importance of the user experience while seeking intuitiveness and clarity.
In June 2022 we had the privilege to showcase the outcome of an extensive, exciting and articulated collaboration that Design Group Italia undertook with one of these companies, its beloved client IDRA, a technological point of reference for the die casting of non-ferrous alloys in Italy, Europe and worldwide since 1946.

IDRA and Giga Press at EUROGUSS 2022

During EUROGUSS, the International Trade Fair for Die Casting, IDRA  presented the prototype of its new control panel: an HMI (Human Machine Interface) solution.
This control panel prototype is the result of an intense R&D project, entailing a close collaboration between the client (IDRA) and the contractor (Design Group Italia’s Digital Product Design and Product Design teams), along with a visionary investment in terms of time, relationships and will to upscale the quality of workers’ activities and the look of its plants… Who said that production plants and their equipment can’t be cool?

Moving towards usability

The totem represents a major step forward in terms of the interface’s efficiency and usability.
To design and implement its functions, we investigated the users’ needs after having had the opportunity to talk with them and address their actual necessities. The interface is therefore designed together with its users.
It allows them to:

  • Work smarter, thanks to the simplification and acceleration of their activities that can now count on an intuitive control panel;
  • Feel comfortable throughout the work day thanks to the slight inclination of the control panel, which ensures ergonomics and functionality.
  • Leverage on the immediateness of the interface. Training becomes easier even for workers with basic skills.
  • Engage with a flexible interface, designed to adapt itself to the different needs of involved users.

Pooling competences 

IDRA is a leader in the die casting industry and the bar for its objectives is set to reflect that. 
A continuous dialogue with the company’s representatives has been the pivotal element for the entire project.

The multidisciplinary approach that distinguishes Design Group Italia allowed us to respond to Idra’s forward-thinking requirements and to merge our diverse expertises.

Engaging UX/UI Design, Product Design, R&D and connecting the resulting dots, we developed a new HMI generated by the concatenation of several design phases.

Meeting clients that are ready to embrace design principles is ideal for innovation. The upshots of such collaborations are powerful marketing tools, as well as concrete steps forward in contemporary industrial production habits.

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