Vimar Eikon Evo

Authentic materials flip the switch on luxury design

Defining a new language of luxury requires an in-depth understanding of the concept in continuous evolution. Working together with Vimar, a leading Italian company in electrical equipment and home automation, we articulated an elegant range of switch plates in marble, wood, glass and crystal, beginning from an extensive study finding that authentic, prestigious materials are essential to a successful result. Engaging our CMF lab, we detailed the flattest switch covers on the market with an innovative double frame structure for cost-efficient, seamless production.

An extensive collection of luxury materials on the flattest switch covers on the market

All materials use the same new ultra-thin wall-plate support to reduce investments and increase the flexibility of the system. We achieved the flattest switch-covers available on the market with an utterly seamless integration through a close collaboration enabling us to push the technical constraints to new limits.

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